$1K-$10K Unsecured Personal Signature Loans – People With Bad Credit – Houston, Tx

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$1K-$10K Unsecured Personal Signature Loans – People With Bad Credit – Houston, Tx

Today we’re going to cover lending and borrowing in Houston, Texas, and we have divided the city into four grids based on Southwest, Northwest, Southeast, and Downtown Northeast Houston. Our first borrower was looking for a lender close to the downtown corridor of Houston, and our other borrowers were in the other areas as you can see below in the tables and images.

This folks were in the same boat:

With all of these borrowers there is a common thread again, in that they all have low credit scores putting them in the category of being bad credit applicants. I believe in this case, all four of these borrowers had FICO scores below 600, and in this publication all four of them were approved for an unsecured loan.

Once again, you can see that all of these borrowers were requesting interest rates within a certain range, and some of these applicants got approved for an unsecured loan with an APR close to what they were asking, and of course the interest rates had to be higher than the interest rates that ideal customers would get with their credit.

People who have poor credit ratings and live in the Houston, TX area may find this interesting because they will discover that there are lenders operating in the State who actually do business with customers who temporarily have bad credit, and have exhausted all other avenues of credit.

The long process of sorting out your credit rating, figuring out how to spend less each month, and earn more each month, is something that we encourage all borrowers and applicants that visit our website, and this is no different here. If you are temporarily in a bad financial position in regards to your credit score, just remember that it is only a temporary situation which you can, in time, rectify with some self-discipline and some awareness.

As with all of our city-based publications on borrowing and lending for bad credit applicants we have endeavored to cover the entire Houston area thoroughly, using four different applicants and their need at the time for getting a loan. We will be covering the downtown Houston area, North side village, cashmere gardens, Jacinto City, Settagast, Magnolia Park, Cloverleaf, and East Houston.

In the second borrower’s case we will be covering Southeast Houston, Pecan Park, Pearland, Friendswood, Galena Park, Pasadena, Baytown, and League City, as this is the area that the lender services in Houston.

In the third borrower’s case we will be covering Missouri City Tx, Sugarland, Bellaire, Southside Place, South University Pl., Mission Bend, Meadows Place, and Rosenberg, because the lender in this case services just that area.

In the fourth borrower’s case the lender covers the areas of Northwest Houston, Houston Heights, Spring Valley, NorthSide Village, Bunker Hill Village, Jersey Village, Woodlands, and Aldine.

$1000-$3000 Unsecured Bad Credit Personal Signature Loan in Downtown Houston TX

The increment range of loans approved by this lender are in the lower range of $1000, $1500, $2000, $2500, and $3000. They have lent cash to individuals who have poor credit scores in this downtown Houston area and the Northeast quadrant of the city since 2005.

For this borrower they lent him $1500 for a term of three months. This applicant simply wanted some money for the Christmas holiday season because he wanted to make sure his wife and two children had decent Christmas with some gifts, the big turkey dinner, and a Christmas tree that had plenty of gifts waiting from old Saint Nick.

This borrower has a low FICO score of 581, when he had his score checked using a credit score service online. He was quite surprised to see that his score was that low, and he had pretty well resigned himself to thinking that he would only get approved for $1500 loan by a payday loan company or cash advance company based in Houston. If you didn’t know already, Texas has the highest rate of payday loan activity in all of the United States, due to the slack regulations in the industry. If our borrower had borrowed money from a payday loan company previously he may have been able to get a payday loan for $1500, but why do that if you can get an interest rate from a private lender that is much lower.

Luckily, he did some online research and found an alternative to a payday loan. In this case he asked for a 10% interest rate over a three month term, which is much much cheaper than any short term lender would approve a loan for. In the final tally of the loan agreement between the borrower and the Houston-based lender, it came to 11.13% over the three-month term. All payments were done by installment on a monthly basis, and the total of each payment was $502.30. This is extremely cheap credit when you consider the applicant’s credit score, and when you consider the fact that conventional banks will not even consider giving a bad credit applicant a $1500 advance in any form, it is a true bargain.

As a matter of fact, this borrower tried to get the $1500 in the form of a checking account overdraft, and a Visa card limit extension, but was unable to find a willing bank in his area of Houston. He tried the Wells Fargo bank over on Fulton Street, and was declined. He also tried the Capital One bank (also on Fulton Street), which is in the Northside Village area of Houston, and he also tried his main branch at the Prosperity Bank on N. Main St. (2010). None of these banks would approve any kind of credit for him so he had to move on to find an alternative that wouldn’t cost too much money. He managed to find a lender who works on high volumes, with low interest rates.

In our table below you can see that the final payment made on the loan to close things up came to $20.92. This loan was completely 100% unsecured, and the borrower faithfully paid back the lender in full. In most cases (about 97%) borrowers who have bad credit scores do pay back the lenders as per the lending agreement that is signed.

Loan Data Loan Values
Loan Principal Increments (avg. in area) $1000, $1500, $2000, $2500, $3000
Loan Principal Finalized $1500
Loan Product Nomenclature Bad Credit Personal Loan (BCPL)
Loan Cost Per $100 n/a – 3 month term
Effective APR Request Below 10% APR
Finalized APR on Loan Agreement 11.13%
Total Interest Paid to Lender $27.82
Total Paid Back To Lender $1527.82
Monthly Installment Payment $502.30
Closing Payment $20.92
Loan Term/Period 3 month term
Applicant’s Area of Residence Downtown Houston/NorthSide Village
Main City Center of Loan Origin Houston
Neighbouring Areas Lenders Service Kashmere Gardens, Jacinto City, Settagast, Magnolia Park
State Texas
Classification of Lender Unsecured Personal Loan Company – Signature/Personal
FICO Score 581

$3500-$5500 Unsecured Personal Signature Loan with Bad Credit in SE Houston, TX

Our second borrower lives in the Pecan Park area of Southeast Houston, and was looking to get a loan for $4000, and up to $5500, depending on the willingness of the lenders. Her credit score was just under 600, coming in at 593. She had a low FICO score because she had got herself wrapped up in some fairly substantial credit card debt that had lingered on and grown over the last couple of years. She kind of just turned off her mind when he came to her growing debt, and this is what so many consumers do – they sort of live in a state of denial in regards to their high interest debt, and this, over time, puts them in the position where they are deeply in debt, and don’t have a way to get access to further credit.

Indeed, this applicant tried to get a loan with her bank which was the Bank of America over on South Loop East in Houston. She had a personal loan with this branch of $20,000, which she still has to make installment payments on every month, and when you add that to her mortgage payment on her house, and her monthly expenses, her DTI is quite high. Her DTI number was .67 when she made this application online for credit. This is a high enough debt-to-income-ratio that the banks of the conventional kind will not consider an applicant fit to be approved. After she failed to get approved at the Bank of America she moved on to some other banks in her area of Southeast Houston.

She tried the IBC bank which is on Woodbridge Street (3200) and she was declined there in short order. She also tried to get approved at the enterprise bank which is on the other side of the Gulf Freeway, just north of the South Loop East Freeway and the Gulf Freeway overpass. She was declined there as well.

She also made an attempt to get approved with a bank for extra credit of around $5000 over in Pasadena, which is just east of her address, at the First Convenience bank over on Shaver street, and that was a bust as well. It seemed that nobody was going to help her out with any kind of loan – large or small.

Ultimately, she ended up getting approved with a lender that services Houston and ended up getting approved for an interest rate of 8.56%. These payments were also made on a monthly basis and the installment amount was $589.70. The closing fee was almost $50, and the total interest on the note was $87.37. This is a far cry from the exorbitant amount of interest that most bad credit applicants have to pay on any kind of loan. For sure, this was a good score for her.

This lender has provided loans ranging between $3500, $4000, $4500, $5000, and up to $5500 in the past, and in every single case they were paid back in full and on time as per the lending agreement terms.

The last loans that were approved by this lender (for bad credit applicants) were in the Galena Park, Baytown, Pasadena, and League City areas of Southeast Houston. All of the interest rates were different for the borrowers in those cases, but the FICO scores were all similar in that they were all below 650. Every single one of these loans was an unsecured personal loan, and the purposes of each loan ranged between applicants needing to get out of high interest situations, emergency loans, medical expenses, student loans, car loans, and motorcycle loans.

Loan Data Loan Values
Loan Principal Increments (avg. in area) $3500, $4000, $4500, $5000, $5500
Loan Principal Finalized $3500
Loan Product Nomenclature Bad Credit Personal Loan (BCPL)
Loan Cost Per $100 n/a – 6 month term
Effective APR Requested Below 6% APR
Finalized APR on Loan Agreement 8.56%
Total Interest Paid to Lender $87.37
Total Paid Back To Lender $3587.37
Monthly Installment Payment $589.70
Closing Payment $49.17
Loan Term/Period 6 month term
Applicant’s Area of Residence South East Houston/Pecan Park/Pearland/Friendswood
Neighbouring Areas Lenders Service Galena Park, Pasadena, Baytown, League City
Main City Center of Loan Origin Houston
State Texas
Classification of Lender Unsecured Personal Loan Company – Signature/Personal
FICO Score 593

$6000-$7000 Unsecured Personal Signature Loan with Poor Credit in SW Houston, TX

This next borrower was approved for an unsecured personal loan at an interest rate of 8.43%, yet they were trying to find interest rates that would be lower than 5% APR. Unfortunately, with the FICO score being only 590 (approximately) they weren’t about to get anything lower than 8% for any amount of money on the note.

The lending increments range for the area of South Houston, and Southeast Houston came in from our database between $6000 and $8000, with a $500 increment between. This applicant wanted to borrow $7000 and got approved for exactly that amount.

This was a nine month term with installment payments of $794.06, with a closing fee of $99.29. This applicant works for a car dealership in Missouri City (TX), and his place of residence is very close by in Mission Bend. He has been working at the same job as a car salesman for over eight years now and is a high risk applicant only because he had recently ran into some debt problems because of a car accident he had well he was at the time unregistered and uninsured on the vehicle.

It’s really a crazy story, in that he was taking a car off the lot and driving it over to a friend’s house for a quick test drive, and he took a chance on the fact that he wasn’t registered. He was really fortunate in that his employer didn’t decide to fire him for such a stupid move – he has fantastic sales records and has been the biggest seller of vehicles for that dealership six years running.

Because of the debt he incurred due to the damage to the vehicle he was driving, and the damage to the vehicle of the other driver, he had no real chance to maintain his credit score. Over a one year period he had gone from a FICO score of 720, to a FICO score below 600. This is too bad, but let’s face it, nobody got hurt and it’s not the end of the world.

So for this nine month term he was able to pay back most of what he owed for the court ruling, managed to keep himself employed, managed pay his condo strata fees, mortgage payment, and basic living expenses throughout the whole period of time. He was fairly frugal with his spending habits anyway so he didn’t have any real credit card debt to speak of, and he had managed to sock away around $9000 before his fender bender happened. Good thing that he did, because he was in a position to pay all of his fines, and the plaintiff in the lawsuit. He didn’t bother getting a lawsuit loan because it wasn’t that much money that he owed, as compared to how much money he thought he was going to have to pay.

This borrower was also not eligible for any kind of bank loan and he found that out when he tried to get approved with his branch which was the Frost Bank on Jefferson Street in an area called Stafford, which is just west of Missouri City on S. Main St. You can see in the table below that his total interest for the $7000 principal came to $245.83, and you have to consider yourself lucky to get a low cost loan when you have a credit score that is as low as his was at the time of borrowing.

Loan Data Loan Values
Loan Principal Increments (avg. in area) $6000, $6500, $7000, $7500, $8000
Loan Principal Finalized $7000
Loan Product Nomenclature Bad Credit Personal Loan (BCPL)
Loan Cost Per $100 n/a – 9 month term
Effective APR Requested Below 5% APR
Finalized APR on Loan Agreement 8.43%
Total Interest Paid to Lender $245.83
Total Paid Back To Lender $7245.83
Monthly Installment Payment $794.06
Closing Payment $99.29
Loan Term/Period 9 month term
Applicant’s Area of Residence Missouri City/Suger Land/Bellaire/Southside Place
Neighbouring Areas Lenders Service S. University Place, Mission Bend, Meadows Place, Rosenberg
Main City Center of Loan Origin Houston
State Texas
Classification of Lender Unsecured Personal Loan Company – Signature/Personal
FICO Score 592

$8500-$10,000 Unsecured Bad Credit Signature Personal Loans in NW Houston, TX

Our next loan (and final loan for Houston) comes to us from the Northwest Houston area. The lender in this case has approved unsecured personal loans in the areas of Houston Heights, Spring Valley, Northside Village, Bunker Hill Village, Jersey Village, and the Woodlands area.

This lender’s most recent approved loans were in the range of $8000 to $10,000 in the city of Houston, and also with an increment range of $500 (you will notice that all of our chosen publications of borrowing and lending use a $500 increment with in the range). This borrower needed $10,000 to pay off some household bills, and some runaway Visa card bills.

She requested an interest rate that was below 8% APR and ultimately was approved for a one year term (12 months -12 payments) with installment payments of $868.88. The total pay back to the lender was $10,571.35.

This was a completely unsecured loan as well, and you can see that her FICO score was the lowest of all these borrowers in this publication. The reason that she managed to get an APR that was manageable (at 10.55%) is because she had some security in the form of a brand new boat she had just purchased two years prior.

Right now this borrower has other personal debt that she disclosed right up front during the application process. She has an RV loan for $480 a month, a boat loan for $390 a month, and she has a mortgage payment of $1800 a month. Her and her husband have a dual income that brings in over $8000 each month so it’s not really a problem for them to make the payments on all of these loans. The only reason she couldn’t get approved for an extra $10,000 loan is because her credit score was so bad. Her bad credit is due to the fact that she was delinquent on her RV loan payments and her boat loan payments, and this is why she had to get a cosigner for this unsecured loan of $10,000. Her husband signed as a cosigner on the note, which he had no problem with because he has a very high credit score of 700.

In reality, let’s face it, this is not really an unsecured loan in this particular case, because the borrower had a cosigner that was willing to sign on to the lending agreement with the lender. Nevertheless, we thought we should include her example because she lives in the Houston Texas area and she managed to get an interest rate of 10.55%. When you think about it, being that the payments were only $868 a month with a closing payment of $145, she didn’t do too bad at all.

There is another element to this loan that is unfortunate, in that we have to discuss the reason why she wasn’t able to make the payments on her RV loan and her boat loan. The reason is that she had a gambling addiction for a period of two years, and by the time she snapped out of it she had all of this debt and almost had her RV and boat repossessed. Luckily for her, her husband and family helped her through the process and she was able to make a deal with the creditors she had so that she could pay back everything she owed in installments over a period of the next five years. They were also very lucky because they both have employment that is secure with the state of Texas. They work in Parks and Recreation.

Loan Data Loan Values
Loan Principal Increments (avg. in area) $8500, $9000, $9500, $10000
Loan Principal Finalized $10000
Loan Product Nomenclature Bad Credit Personal Loan (BCPL)
Loan Cost Per $100 n/a – 12 month term
Effective APR Requested Below 8% APR
Finalized APR on Loan Agreement 10.55%
Total Interest Paid to Lender $571.35
Total Paid Back To Lender $10571.35
Monthly Installment Payment $868.88
Closing Payment $144.79
Loan Term/Period 1 year term
Applicant’s Area of Residence NW Houston/Houston Heights/Spring Valley/Northside Village
Neighbouring Areas Lenders Service Bunker Hill Village, Jersey Village, Aldine, Woodlands
Main City Center of Loan Origin Houston
State Texas
Classification of Lender Unsecured Personal Loan Company – Signature/Personal
FICO Score 550

This covers the lending and borrowing areas of the city Houston Texas, and believe me, we get many many choices to pick from to describe some of the unsecured loans being approved and applied for in the State. On another publication we will cover loans in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, Lubbock, Amarillo, and of course we will be going over some loans that were approved in Dallas and Fort Worth.

We actually have more borrowing and lending in the unsecured loans market for the areas of Fort Worth and Dallas than we do in Houston, but I guess we have to start somewhere. We have to put together an analysis of the lending data for Dallas and Fort Worth, and we will be doing so in the next week. After we have gathered the data from the lending agreements, the willing lenders, and the willing borrowers, we will be publishing the tables for these transactions and notes for the area.

We will be sticking to the same lending increments range with the first loan covering the $1000-$3000 range, the second loan being in the $3500 to $5500 range, the third being in the $6000-$8000 range, and the forth being in the $8500-$10,000 range. We look forward to providing as much information as we possibly can on these lending agreements and arrangements. These will also be unsecured loans by and large, with the odd exception in between.