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Personal Loan for People With Bad Credit in Killeen Texas $2000 – $20,000 Dollar Loan

I was told by a co-worker that I may be able to find personal loans for people like me who have bad credit ratings and live in the Killeen, Texas area. I have been searching for some company that will lend money to someone with bad credit for a few weeks. So far all of…
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Cash Advance Loan in Flower Mound, Carrollton, Dallas Tx – Denton County

Loan Product Description:: $4000-$5000 cash advance loan over one year period. Why do you need a loan? :: I’m looking for a cash advance loan because I know that I have really bad credit and I will be guaranteed to end up with a high interest rate along the lines of a payday loan or…
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$15,000 Debt Consolidation Loan – Retired With CC Debt

This query was entertaining in that it was from a retired gentleman currently living in Missouri City Texas which is really a suburb of Houston. For loans in Houston we have many pages on our site and sister sites with example of debt consolidations that have been applied for and approved. This retired couple was…
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$4000-$5000 Small Personal Loan in Houston Texas (Xmas Holidays)

This is a loan for the Christmas holiday season. The applicant is living in the Houston area of Texas and wants to borrow somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-5 thousand dollars apparently to pay for the Christmas gifts he wants to purchase for his family this season. This loan application comes with no collateral for…
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Cash Advance iPad Loan for Teen in San Antonio – Bexar Cty

This cash advance application is for a teenager who is 15 years old, and wanted to know if teens can borrow cash advances as long as they have a job. He wants to borrow $1000 to buy an iPad for school (and for fun). He has a part time evening and weekend job at McDonalds…
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30,000 Lawsuit Loan – Plaintiff to Nationwide On Car Accident

This borrower desires a lawsuit loan for $30,000 and wants it pretty quickly. As you will read, he was in a car accident and not provided insurance for his medical treatment, and loss of his eye. The Insurance Company is Nationwide Auto Insurance. We don’t know how this plaintiff did as far as getting their…
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Payday Loan Stores in Irving, Texas

The most popular Cash Advance stores in Irving Texas are the National Chain check cashing company storefronts, such as Ace America, Ace Cash Express, Advance America, PLS Check Cashers, and Speedy Cash.

Payday Loans in Austin Texas and Surrounding Areas

There is a shocking number of payday loan stores in Austin, Texas. When we were putting this list together we were dumbfounded that the residents of Austin could sustain so many short-term lenders. You would think the interest rates (fees) would frighten borrowers from ever casted their shadow on the door of a payday loan…
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Blank Check Motorcycle Loans

A blank check motorcycle loan is a financing arrangement where the lending institution provides the motorcycle buyer the opportunity to purchase a new or used bike at an unlimited cost. Most lenders who provide financing for motorcycles limit the amount that you can spend when you’re shopping for a bike. The limit will be determined…
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