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Time is Money

Years ago I received an interesting email comparing time with money that I was enchanted by. It stated we are permitted to make withdrawals from our fictional time bank, but unlike an actual bank, we are unable to make deposits. So “spend” your time wisely was the underlying theme. I think we can all agree…
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Saving Money

Do you struggle to save money? If so you are certainly not alone. Saving money is challenging at the best of times. I equate it to dieting, exercising, or not seeing your friends for an extended period of time. There are just so many things that you can spend money on and they never seem…
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Entrance Strategy

As we all know debt is a liability or obligation to pay or render something. Unfortunately many of us find ourselves biting off more than we can chew in this regard. In fact, some friends told me recently they are so far in debt with their student installment loans they have just stopped paying them…
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What is an independent student?

What is an independent student? The independent student definition created by Congress is VERY strict. It is strict because this status is used by school financial aid administrators in determining student’s eligibility for federal and state aid. Unless you are a returning college student it is unlikely that you are an independent student. If you…
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New Federal Minimum Wage And The Federal Work-Study Program

On May 25, President Bush signed into law an amended section of the Fair Labor Standards increasing the Federal minimum wage in three steps. The current $5.15 minimum wage will be increased to $5.85 effective July 24, 2007, to $6.55 an hour effective July 24, 2008, and to $7.25 an hour effective July 24, 2009.…
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News from NASFAA

Today (Nov 2007)  the House Education and Labor Committee is scheduled to consider legislation that would dramatically increase student aid by increasing Pell Grants and loan limits, cutting student loan interest rates, providing income-contingent student loan repayment, and offering new loan forgiveness programs. The College Cost Reduction Act would increase federal spending on student aid…
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