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Getting Approved For Fast Loan For $3000 If Your Credit Score Is Damaged

A consumer is applying for a $3000 loan, needs the money quickly and their credit score is damaged making it very difficult for them to find a company who will approve a loan of this type. They had some credit issues in the past year which damaged their credit rating and also meant that they…
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Getting Out of a Bad Loan (refinancing)

There are so many articles online that talk about getting a loan, or being approved for a loan, with or without bad credit, but very few posts provide information on how to get out of a bad loan. A bad loan is one that has a balloon payment on the horizon, or it carries and…
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Bad Credit Holiday Loans – Tickets For Worry Free Holidays

The first step towards getting a loan with bad credit is to gather all of your information that is going to be needed for your application for a loan. Many people applying for bad credit holiday loans to lenders that will lend money to clients whose credit ratings are less than stellar leave out a…
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