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Can I Consolidate Debt For Under $10000

The answer to the question, “can I consolidate debt for under $10000”, is a definite yes for most consumers. The terms and conditions, amounts and interest rate will depend on the credit rating of the individual as well as employment situation. For someone with equity available to provide security, a personal secured loan with a…
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Should I Consolidate Debt or Should I Claim Personal Bankruptcy

Many consumers overspend and then have difficulty repaying their debt. This is exactly what this consumer has done and now is trying to figure out what the best option would be for him. He has stated that he has several options and none of them are really that great in terms of his financial issues…
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Credit Card Consolidation Loans Using Home Equity – Is It A Good Idea?

A client wants to know if using his homes equity to consolidate his credit card debt is a good idea or not. He has a home worth approximately $350,000 with a mortgage of $129,000. He has credit card debt of $18,000 and both he and his wife make sufficient money to carry a much larger…
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Do You Need To Get Some Credit Card Debt Relief Yet?

This applicant is actually pretty typical of many people who have credit card debt issues. They have several credit cards, charge them up to the maximum and then find that they are faced with high interest charges and really cannot repay them in time to avoid the interest charges. This applicant owes a total of…
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