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How To Get A Consolidation Loan For $300,000

This consumer is wondering how to get a consolidation loan for $300,000. He and his wife have good jobs that not only pay well, but also have relatively good security. He is a firefighter for the city and she works for the local city government. They have a mortgage, a line of credit and debt…
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Will A Consolidation Loan Solve all My Money Problems

Life throws all kinds of curve balls at us and if we are not prepared, they can cause hardship and financial difficulties we did not imagine. This couple had good jobs and were making sufficient income to carry their debt. Unfortunately the husband lost his well paying job. He has found another position, however unfortunately…
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Debt Relief Consolidation Loan For $50,000 In Modesto CA

This applicant is actually pretty typical. They used their credit cards to take advantage of a deal offered by the store, coupled with plans they have to fix up their home and next thing they know they have this high credit card debt at high interest rates on the unpaid balance. In our current clients…
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10000 Consolidation Loan in San Bernardino County

The latest applicant lives in San Bernardino County in California and works as an appliance repairman for a large company in the area. He has been working at this profession for the past 10 years and also feels that he is income protected since consumers will always need repairs to appliances. He also does his…
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10000 Consolidation Loan in Brownsville Texas

  This client lives in Brownsville, Texas and works for a company in the oil industry and has only been on the job for three months. He just moved to the area, rented an apartment and began furnishing it with everything that a person will need for a new apartment. Unfortunately he got a little…
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$60,000 Consolidation Loan – Dayton Ohio

This client has applied for a $60,000 consolidation loan and lives in Dayton, Ohio. They have been doing some renovation work on their home and would now like to consolidate the debt they charged to their credit cards with their current mortgage and complete this transaction within 15 days. This short time frame may be…
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