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Where Borrowers Find Loan Approvals

Changes in How Default Rates are Calculated at your College

The Congressional Budget Office has issued its estimate of the cost to the federal government of H.R. 4137, the College Opportunity and Affordability Act of 2007, as approved by the House Education and Labor Committee on November 15. This bill represents the House version of Higher Education Act reauthorizing. In contrast to the budget reconciliation…
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Father Knows Best

Ever since I was a teenager my father, Stephen E. Bonvie, spoke these eloquent words, “The power of disciple the rewards of time. ”He spoke these words in context of saving money. Of course I was caught in the age old conundrum of having the knowledge and game plan at age 15, but not having…
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Borrowers are Going Private

This afternoon I helped Debbie who attends Bentley College as a first year student. She just realized that with tuition, books and food, her federal student loan wouldn’t get her through her first school year. After much research she decided to take out an $8,000 Act Education Loan through the Student Loan Network. She was…
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SLN Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to this blog mainly because it has been very busy at the Student Loan Network. We get requests for help in lots of ways but mostly by phone. June, July and August our call volume spikes from students, parents, schools, lenders, or other industry partners. Loan consolidation has been…
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News from NASFAA

Today (Nov 2007)  the House Education and Labor Committee is scheduled to consider legislation that would dramatically increase student aid by increasing Pell Grants and loan limits, cutting student loan interest rates, providing income-contingent student loan repayment, and offering new loan forgiveness programs. The College Cost Reduction Act would increase federal spending on student aid…
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