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Bad Credit Personal Loans in Nevada (15k), Utah (5k), Arizona (2k)

Today we are discussing personal loans in three different States in the western United States. We are going to visit Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City Nevada where borrowers and lenders got together to do business outside of the conventional banking system. Then we will be going over to Arizona for an applicant who wants…
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$12000 Auto Loan in Tempe Arizona (SSL, CREDIT, DEBT, etc.)

$12000 Auto Loan in Tempe Arizona for Gm 9-5 Sedan – Brant Z — Introduction This post was inspired by a borrower who was applying for a car loan in Arizona, and he had really bad credit. He made the mistake of applying with a lot of lousy sites whereby the owners of the sites…
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$800 Bad Credit Loan – Fast Cash Advance Application in Tucson Arizona

Hello everyone at FUSA. My name is Denis J. and I need to get a loan, a fast cash advance for $800 as quickly as you can. I’m applying from Tucson Arizona. I’m really having trouble finding some kind of loan in a mad dash to get my motorcycle out of the shop. It had…
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$1000 – $2000 – $3000 Bad Credit Personal Loan in Phoenix, AZ

This applicant is desperate for a small personal loan in Phoenix, Arizona. She has recently lost her husband is on her own now. He was the main bread-winner in the family and she was a stay-home mom. What has happened is tragic. A tragedy in so many ways, and now money is the main challenge…
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