Student Loan Network Sponsoring $10,000 Scholarship

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Student Loan Network Sponsoring $10,000 Scholarship

This post was originally written in 2008 about the Student Loan Network and we are proud to see that the network is still going strong. In fact the Student Loan networks scholarship is also still available as well, which is even more exciting. You can find out more about the Student Loan Network Sponsoring $10,000 Scholarship in the original post that follows below. Read the original post, it all still applies and then when you finish the original post we will discuss some of the issues that students face when they are going to school regarding managing their money and getting by while going to school.

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Quincy, MA –The Student Loan Network, an Edvisors Company (, is marking its 10th anniversary by sponsoring the Ten-Year $10K Scholarship – a special $10,000 scholarship to be awarded in the first quarter of 2008. “We are celebrating ten years by giving back to our students. It is becoming increasingly difficult to pay for the rising cost of a college education. Our goal for the last ten years has been to help students find the right solutions – from scholarships and grants to federal and private installment loans,” Joe Cronin, President of the Student Loan Network. “What student couldn’t use a $10,000 scholarship?”

Any current college or graduate student – or anyone who will be enrolled in 2008 – is eligible for this scholarship. By registering at www.studentinstallment, students will receive one entry. The application is simple – it takes about half a minute to complete and has no essay, transcript, or GPA requirements. Each time someone refers a friend who registers, they will receive another entry. “The funds will be sent directly to the winning student’s school,” explained Cronin, “so our only requirement is that the student will be a full-time student during 2008. It’s important that these funds are used for tuition and other essential education expenses, and sending money directly to the school ensures that.”

About Student Loan Network
The Student Loan Network, an Edvisors company, is one of the nation’s fastest growing providers of student installment loans and related information. Since 1998 we have connected 25 million students and parents with over $1 billion in scholarships, grants and federal, private and consolidation installment loan funding. To help make the confusing and stressful financial help process easier, the Student Loan Network also delivers helpful information, including the award-winning Financial Aid Podcast, a multitude of financial help-related blogs and the monthly Financial Aid Newsletter.

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Preparing Financially to Go to School and Student Loans

Many students are really not prepared to go to school after high school on an emotional level as well as a financial level. Other posts will deal with the emotional part of preparing to go to school after high school, especially if you are going to be away from home. This part of the post will focus on the financial needs of students for university and college for both students who live at home as well as living in dorms or rented facilities away from home.

Students need to be able to pay for their tuition, their books and supplies and commuting costs to get back and forth from their home to the university. They also need living expenses for miscellaneous expenses. This includes lunches, coffees and social activities that they may participate in while attending school. We are assuming that when a student lives at home they are not paying board; in fact the student usually lives at home for free and does not pay for any expenses while at home.

Students, who attend school away from home, will have more expenses to deal with and will need larger loans to cover things such as rental, utilities and meals. In some cases, students may live in a dorm and pay one fee for all of their rent, utilities and their food. We suggest that any student planning to attend university or college regardless of whether it is near your home or away from home, should start by developing a budget to help figure out how much you need to borrow.

Once you have a budget, you can figure out what income you will have from part time jobs, scholarships and student loans. Based on this summary, you may find that you either have to pare down your budget and do with less or find a way to borrow more money or work more hours at a part time job. Many students get part way through their school year and run out of money. They turn to their parents for additional money and perhaps look for a job for the first time.

The Student Loan Network is one of the facilities available for students to apply for student loans as well as scholarships  to help then get though school financially.