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Short Term – Small Cash Solution

Whenever the need for a small cash amounts arises, you can rely on a $200 payday loan. The purpose of these small loan amounts is to help those who are faced with a small cash shortage and need a cash solution for a few days or weeks. You may need money for groceries for the kids and the family. You may need a small cash solution to have repairs completed for the car so you can get to work. Or maybe the short term loan you need is for emergency repairs to your home. There are literally thousands of reasons why consumers find themselves needing short term loans to solve small cash solutions every day.

A payday loan is one way to solve small cash solutions when you do not have a bank account and you cash your check at a pay day loan office every week.  This is a place where they know you and are willing to lend money, small amounts for a short period of time until you receive your next pay check. These are difficult situations that people find themselves in and they just need to have money right away to deal with emergencies. The banks charge too much for a bank account and this is one of the reasons many people will turn to a pay day loan company to cash their pay checks. There is still a fee to cash a check, but it much more convenient for many people to take this approach. Once they know you and you have a positive reputation, many people can apply for a short term – small cash solution loan and be approved with no problems or delays.

Middle Class Consumers Need Short Term Small Cash Solutions As Well

Consumers without bank accounts are not the only ones who need small cash loans. Some consumers have decided that they do not want to use credit cards, which are really cash loan facilities. These people must withdraw money from their bank accounts each time they need cash to pay for everyday items. While a credit card is convenient, it does carry a high interest rate with it when you do not pay off your balance in full each month. For some it is easier just to wait until they have enough money in their accounts to withdraw the cash and pay for whatever they are planning to purchase.

Small cash solutions for middle class consumers include money for car repairs, furnace repairs, last minute trips and many other things too numerous to mention. If it is an emergency in their opinion then they need to find a way to solve the cash problem and sometimes finding a small cash solution in the form of a short term loan is the best approach to take. These loans are often larger than the $200 loan we discussed earlier; however they are just as important to these consumers. They are able to deal with whatever cash emergency they have and then repay the short term loan on payday.

If You Have a Bank Account

Having a bank account can make the short term loan process much easier. Cash from short term loans can be transferred to the customer’s bank account within 24 hours from approval making these funds available to pay utilities or for consumers to withdraw from their accounts. When the loan becomes due, the lender will initiate a request to withdraw the loan amount from your bank account so that there is no need to visit the loan office and be seen by anyone. This adds a degree of privacy preferred by many people. When you apply for these types of loans, applicants will need to provide their banking information so that the short term cash loan can be routed to the appropriate bank and the correct bank account. It is very important to get this right; otherwise some other account holder is going to end up with your money. He or she might be happy about finding extra money in his or her account, but when deductions start you can be sure that they are going to complain to their bank and put a stop to it immediately.

Consumers must make sure that they have the funds to repay the loan on the due date. If the money is not there in the account, there are a lot of extra fees charged which can make your short term loan much more expensive. Your bank may charge a fee for insufficient funds; the lender will charge a late fee and a processing fee, all of which can add up to a relatively large amount and make your short term loan very expensive.

Always make sure you can repay the loan when it is due. If you know that you are going to need another short term cash loan in the near future, the best advice is to talk to your lender to determine the best course of action. They may advise you to repay the loan as per the agreement and then they will process another short term cash loan when you need it in a few days or a week’s time. Part of the reason they will want you to repay the first loan is to ensure that you can really meet the terms of the agreement that you originally signed. This is all about building a credit reputation with the lender and demonstrating that you are a good risk when it comes to lending you short term cash loans.

What Information is Needed to Ensure My Short Term Cash Loan is Approved

Every lender may require different information as part of the approval process; there are a number of things that they all look for. First of all, you will need to provide your current address were you have lived for some time and also contact information in terms of phone numbers.  We just spoke about the bank information that is needed. Your full account number including branch numbers must be provided. Some lenders will want to see copies of your bank statements to verify that you have not had insufficient funds payments. Finally you may be required to provide a copy of your last paystub showing your gross pay and any at source deductions that you have deducted prior to receiving your final cash amount. This pay stub should also show your employers name and address. As we indicated earlier, each lender has different requirements.