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RV Loans GEMB, etc.

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Well it’s that time of year again what everybody is getting ready for the spring and summer season and they require RV loans. It will be a little different this year with many of the banks in the United States being very stingy with their lending policies but there will be lenders who still provide financing for American consumers who need (or should I say want) a motorhome loan, motorcycle loan, boat loan, trailer loan, or ATV loan.Some folks have been using GEMB (or GE Money Bank) to get RV loan approved in this is been happening regular since the different GEMB loans have been available. GEMB used only do department stores but they have recently branched out into many different lending products over the last few years.

I know that my wife and I own an RV and we hit the open road in our motorhome almost every weekend during the summer months. We travel should the United States and Canada and would love every minute of it – just to be free on the open road with all your concerns and worries left behind back at home (however we have been keeping our worries to a dull roar these past few years)

RV Loans Guaranteed

rvloansgemb-bankofamerica-guaranteedThere is no such thing as a guaranteed RV loan but I know many web sites and companies that advertise that they can guarantee your approval. Don’t believe it and don’t be hoodwinked with these kind of advertising claims.

Every single person or couple has a very unique financial fingerprint and there is no guarantee a financial institution will fund your motorhome or boat for you – especially in these difficult times where there is a considerable credit crunch going on around the world and especially in the good ‘ol USA.

So you might want to just ignore many of these web sites the guarantee any kind of loan.

Bank Of America RV Loans

Bank of America RV loans come in two different types of lending products – boat loans and RV loans. Click here for their RV loan application form – click here for their boat loan application form.

It all depends on which State you live in when it comes to filling out these online applications. There are different Bank of America locations all across the United States so you just have to start by choosing your State – after that just fill away.

Here is a quote from the Bank Of America web site including links to their RV and Boat application forms that I gave you above;

The process is simple. Complete the application located on this website and you will receive a call from one of our loan specialists to discuss your loan options.

Apply online for a boat loan

Apply online for an RV loan

RV Loans in Your Local Area

Although I provided these online RV application forms from the Bank of America I always tell people who visit our web site to make sure they check out some of the offers their local lenders have in the spring. Usually when you buy a motorhome (A class, B class, or C class), or boat you will be offered dealership financing. Often times it is a hasslefree way of getting your financing looked after, but the interest you are paying for the term of the loan will be higher than if you went to bank for approval.

Your local bank or credit union may also provide you with a lower interest loan for your RV if you are a regular customer with their branch. Never go online to look for a loan if you have a good credit score and a good reputation with your local bank and in particular the branch that you have your mortgage with.

Anyway, before I start lecturing on how do get approved for any kind of loan I will end this by saying have fun the summer cruising the highways, speeding across a lake, or sailing in the breeze on the ocean. Some people believe that having some kind of RV is a decadent and wasteful expenditure. Perhaps they are right but the old adage still stands – you only live and love once.