Personal Loan for People With Bad Credit in Killeen Texas $2000 – $20,000 Dollar Loan

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Personal Loan for People With Bad Credit in Killeen Texas $2000 – $20,000 Dollar Loan

I was told by a co-worker that I may be able to find personal loans for people like me who have bad credit ratings and live in the Killeen, Texas area. I have been searching for some company that will lend money to someone with bad credit for a few weeks. So far all of the brick and mortar companies have refused my loan application so I am hoping that your website can help me find a lender who is willing to lend money to people like me. This online approach is a lot easier than making appointments with bank loan managers.

Is there some private lender or lending institution that will lend money to borrowers with bad credit? What are the requirements for these applications and what information do I need to provide?

What are the details? I heard that your web site Financing USA had the contact information for this lender. The loan I am looking for is only $2000 which is not a large amount, but if you can help me with this loan it will make a huge difference in my life right now. Do you think that you can help a guy get his credit rating back.

I also heard that they are based out of Killeen and they lend fast cash to Texans at a very reasonable interest rate. What are the interest rates and what fees do they charge? Do they need an applicant to have a checking account with a bank? What about providing copies of the bank statement and a couple of pay stubs to show that they are working? Do you ask for these details?

Please direct me to your page with this lenders particulars on it. Is their company still advertised with FUSA? Are there other companies that provide loans to borrowers like me? If you have a couple of companies, perhaps we can play one against the other to find the best rate and terms. I really need this bad credit loan, so please do not play this competition angles too strongly.

Many questions I know, but I need to get a loan in a big freakin’ hurry!

In an effort to speed this application along, I have included a copy of my pay stub which shows how much money I make and how much I wind up with after taxes etc are deducted. I have been with the same company for several years and expect to be there for several more years at least. I also included a copy of my last two bank statements. Both of them show that I have not missed any payments for insufficient funds and they also show that my pay checks are direct deposited into the account.

This is the same account that the loan if approved should be deposited into and the payments will be withdrawn from. I will make sure that there is always money in the account for all of the payments.

The reason, my credit is so bad is that I was laid off several years ago and could not make the payments on a loan I had at that time. That was before I landed the current job, which I have been at for some time. Since I found this current job, I have never had any late bills and I have not missed any payments. I also repaid the original loan that caused by credit rating to fall in the first place. Unfortunately they did not bother correcting the credit rating, so it is there to stay until I have another loan and can demonstrate that I can pay all of the monthly payments on time with no late fees.

I really would appreciate your help to obtain a bad credit loan in Kileen, Texas. I want to improve my bad credit rating and this is the only way that I think I can do this.