Our Apology From Financing USA

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Our Apology From Financing USA

Well, we have to make an apology to our readers and to anyone who was coming back to financing-usa.com because we had a serious malicious intrusion on our financing site. We had visitors coming here to find information on loans, but yet they got some other nonsense instead. This is very frustrating for us, since we are really trying to help consumers find information about loans, financing and connect people with lenders who have money to lend out.

Financing-USA.com was hijacked in the spring of 2008 and we just noticed now that most of site structure had been messed with and we are in the process of cleaning it all up. We have brought back our original writers and WordPress employees to clean up this domain and bring it back from the dead. This has taken a while, however as of Jan 2008, we expect that this work will be completed in less than three months.

We have a lot of short nonsensical posts in our sitemap still, but we will be weeding these out over time – it’s not a good idea to completely wipe out a site in a few clicks. Some of these posts will be updated, while others will be totally rewritten in an effort to help our subscribers and readers even more.

Anyway, this really is not of interest to you if you need to find a loan. Carry on, and once again, we promise to make Financing USA a viable choice for finding the loan you need. We believe in competition and providing an opportunity for readers to find some of the best deals that are available on the market at any given moment in time.

We decided to add a few definitions to this post to help our readers understand the differences between various types of loans. Here we go:

Secured Personal Loan – these are loans with some of the best interest rates. Basically you provide something as collateral for the personal loan which the lender can sell to recover his loan principle if the borrower does not repay the loan for some reason. Combine a great credit rating with a secured personal loan and you will typically have the lowest interest rates.

Unsecured Personal Loan – these loans are just what they imply. There is no collateral provided and the interest rate is usually a bit higher than a secured loan. Borrowers typically need to have better credit ratings and a good reputation with the bank or the lender. The loan is provided based on the borrowers promise to repay the loan.

Mortgage – this is a special type of loan that home owners typically sign up for. The mortgage has a longer period to pay off the mortgage often reaching 30 years and the home is actually the collateral for the mortgage. A mortgage is really a special type of secured personal loan were the home is the collateral for the loan. The longer the mortgage, the lower the monthly payments are, however longer mortgages mean you pay a lot more interest than short term mortgages.

Bad Credit Loans – people with bad credit usually have a more difficult time finding a mortgage or a personal loan. Loans for people with bad credit are available; however they will typically pay more in terms of interest rates and fees for their loan than someone would who has a really good credit rating due to the perceived higher risk.

Car Loans- are really a special type of secured personal loan. The car is almost always taken as collateral and will be repossessed if the borrower does not meet their obligations with regard to repaying the loan.

Debt Consolidation Loans – many consumers routinely take out debt consolidation loans. The will consolidate other loans and credit card debt into one loan at a lower interest rate. Not only will they pay less interest than they would for a credit card for example, their monthly payments will be lower as well.

We hope this small bit if information helps our readers and we hope that you are successful finding the loans that you need.

Good day, and good luck.