National Debt Relief Reviews – United States

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National Debt Relief Reviews – United States

This is our first installment for National Debt Relief reviews. A few years ago we introduced NDR to our visitors because they provide a legal and legitimate service to people who have debt(s) they can’t manage anymore.

We ask all our users via email to give us a full report and critique on all the service providers we introduce them to from our site. NDR was no exception. We like to know if our visitors are finding quality assistance, and we like to know when our visitors are having any negative experiences.

If we find that a financial service provider is NOT providing a legitimate service we removed them from our site immediately.

These email reviews for NDR (National Debt Relief) are quite in depth and we were given full permission from the NDR customer to publish these reviews on this site.

Some of the NDR customers asked to have their privacy protected because they didn’t want to publish for the public their debt problems – very understandable. However, even the National Debt Relief customers that wanted their privacy protected, still wanted to share their experience with our users.

Below we will get into the actual layout of all National Debt Relief reviews.

Content for National Debt Reviews

We have to stick to an organized layout for all NDR reviews. We’ve done this in bullet form.

  • NDR customers location and financial situation
  • Location of NDR customer
  • How NDR customer found National Debt Relief
  • NDR customers final analysis regarding their experience
  • Would NDR customer recommend their service to others

Collection of National Debt Relief Reviews

All NDR reviews are collected from and it’s sister sites. Each NDR customer is questioned by our staff regarding their experience with NDR.

We made sure all reviews were double checked to make sure the reviewer/customer was in complete agreement on the publishing of their review for general consumption.

Some reviewers/customers gave way too much information, while others not much at all. So what we did was only publish approved reviews that were average in length and depth.

This is the range of questions:

  • when did your learn of NDR?
  • what date did your find NDR?
  • did you use NDR immediately?
  • how much debt were you in?
  • what was your Experian credit score?
  • what was your Transunion credit score?
  • what was your Equifax credit score?
  • how did your find out what your credit scores were?
  • did you try and get a consolidation loan first?
  • were you declined for a personal loan to consolidate debt?
  • what city/town do your live in?
  • what State do you live in?
  • did your find the National Debt Review agent friendly?
  • would your recommend NDR to others?
  • how would your rate your overall experience with NDR?
  • which method of communication did you use with NDR?
  • what types of debt did you have?
  • how much total debt did you have?
  • what field of employment were you in?
  • where you being contacted by collection agencies before using NDR?
  • did you fill out the NDR form for contact, or did you call?
  • final outcome after using National Debt Relief

List of National Debt Relief Reviews

Below is where we will keep a list of NDR reviews. Each review will be titled with their State and City location.

  1. Houston Texas – this couple reviewed National Debt Relief services