National Debt Relief Review – Houston TX

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National Debt Relief Review – Houston TX

national-debt-relief-review-houston-tx2This is our first review for National Debt Relief by Sandra in Houston TX. We have outlined how all of the NDR reviews will be presented here.

when did your learn of NDR? I used the Internet to look for some solutions for my debt. I used Bing, Yahoo, and Google. This was last year.

what date did your find NDR? Not sure exactly, but it was in November 2016 when I was looking around online.

did you use NDR immediately? I called them on the phone and I emailed them. I was in a rush to find a solution because the collection agencies were on my case every day and the stress was eating up my husband and I. It was also maddening because the debt collection agencies were leaving nasty messages with our KIDS. We were furious and had to make the calls stop.

how much debt were you in? Between us both, my wife and I had over $80,000 in debt. Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover. Personal loans for both of us.

what was your Experian credit score? 598

what was your Transunion credit score? 573

what was your Equifax credit score? 569

how did your find out what your credit scores were? SearchedĀ  Google and foundĀ free service

did you try and get a consolidation loan first? Yes, and we were both given consolidation loans but the interest ends up being too high.

were you declined for a personal loan to consolidate debt? Yes. Three times after I had maxed out all of our credit cards again.


what city/town do your live in? Houston Texas and have been here since 2001 when we moved from Gainesville.

what State do you live in? Texas

did your find the National Debt Review agent friendly? Very friendly and helpful. I was really please how there was not negative judgement of me and they seemed to really understand that I am a good person who just has bad money management problems.

would your recommend NDR to others? Yes

how would your rate your overall experience with NDR? I would rate them very high because they gave the air I needed to breath again and allowed me to get my act together financially.

which method of communication did you use with NDR? Email and phone.

what types of debt did you have? Credit card, medical, education, home mortgage, car loan.

how much total debt did you have? $80,000

what field of employment were you in? Dog Trainer

where you being contacted by collection agencies before using NDR? Yes. All the time.

did you fill out the NDR form for contact, or did you call? Both

final outcome after using National Debt Relief? I the end result my wife and I were quite relieved to have all our debts dealt with using the service from NDR. Their communication was excellent and we were relieved to see how quickly things were looked after. All of our creditors were satisfied with the deal we made to pay them back over time.


Of course we had to take a temporary hit in my credit rating, but not my wife’s credit rating. Before using National Debt Relief, we transferred ALL debts to my name. We paid off all my wife’s credit card debts and personal loans using my credit cards and loans. That way she had a good credit rating which over time became a great credit rating. Then I took the credit rating drop and it worked out well. It was only temporary and while we waited for my credit rating to heal, she still had credit we could use.

We were lucky in that we have a solid relationship so we could work as a team together. If you are single and on your own it would be difficult because you wouldn’t have access to a lot of credit while you pay back your creditors pennies on the dollar.

When the phones stopping ringing from collection agencies we both sighed a huge relief!!!! We felt like we had room to breath and we had a chance to make a strategic plan with the help of National Debt Relief.

My Employment Record in Houston TX

I work for the city of Houston and have been there over 10 years with a solid record so this helped as well. At least I had a fixed income to use as we worked with National Debt Relief to pay back creditors. In the end I ended up paying creditors back around 30 cents on the dollar. But all collections stopped and we had a solid plan going forward. I went to work again knowing that my labor was not in vain. Before we started working with National Debt Relief I felt like we were drowning in debt. I felt like all my hard work was useless because we couldn’t keep up with all of our high interest debt anyways. Better now.

My Wife’s Employment in Houston TX

My wife is a registered nurse working in Houston and she has been working for a hospital for over 5 years. Her job is also solid, and this helped us get through my financial reorganization. She is also a Mom to our three children so her days are full!

It was stressful for her before I started using the National Debt Relief services because she knew we were just falling further behind every month. The interest on our credit cards was massive and we had a lot of other debts like vehicle loans and other personal loans at a high interest rate. When the mailbox was no longer filled with collection agency letters, and the phones stopped ringing, she felt like there was actually light at the end of the tunnel.

Would We Recommend National Debt Relief

We would highly recommend National Debt Relief to others who find themselves in the same debt spiral we were in. However, I would also recommend that you save the credit rating one of one person in your partnership. Assuming you have a partner I suppose. If you are single then the challenge is a little tougher like I mentioned earlier, but you can still get through it. You would have a poor credit rating for years, but at least you would have learned a big lesson and made a plan for the future so your finances never get so out of control again.


What we loved about National Debt Relief was that they were very friendly, calm, and non-judgemental. There was no shame attached to the entire process. Their experts when it comes to planning out your exit from high interest debt, and specialists when it comes to making a sound plan.


They have their system fine-tuned for families like ours who are drown in high interest debt. The first person we spoke with on the phone gave us a HUGE feeling of hope because were feeling completely overwhelmed with our money problems and the collection agency harassment. We spoke with the NDR service rep on speaker phone for half an hour as they explained their service and let us know in detail our options. We didn’t have to pay a cent to them for all of their consultation so we felt good about that.

Some Background on National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief (A.K.A. “NDR”) is actually based out of New York, but they Texas is one of the States they can do business in. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and they have the highest rating possible with the AFCC (American Fair Credit Council).

You can see more National Debt Relief reviews here.

States National Debt Relief Can Service

National Debt Relief has a very high service area in the United States and they can help consumers in all States except the following:

  • CT – Connecticut
  • GA – Georgia
  • KS – Kansas
  • ME – Maine
  • NH – New Hampshire
  • SC – South Carolina
  • OR – Oregon
  • VT – Vermont
  • WV – West Virginia

Why they can’t do business in the above states is a question I don’t have the answer(s) to yet but I will look into it further. Each State of course has their own laws on the books for all of the different financial services provided. I can’t see why these State legislatures would have a problem with National Debt Relief, because it’s not a scam at all. They simply HELP people get their debt organized when they have no other viable options to fall back on.

In Conclusion

So I hope we didn’t leave anything out on this review. These folks in Texas were very happy with their experience as you have read above. Of course everyone’s experience and financial situation is different. There some debts that NDR can’t help you with but they’re outlined here (scroll to bottom/right of page). In closing, here is an opinion of debt relief services on the Huffington Post.

Hope this helps.