Loan for People with Bad Credit – $3k, $4K, 5K – Atlanta, Macon, Savannah Georgia

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Loan for People with Bad Credit – $3k, $4K, 5K – Atlanta, Macon, Savannah Georgia

Loan for People with Bad Credit – $3k, $4K, 5K – Atlanta, Macon, Savannah Georgia — I need a loan like yesterday. I have fallen way behind on my payments for bills like the phone, Internet, cell, gas, heat, cable T.V., and even my rent! I just have not been able to keep up with everything and I am paying one and then letting the other slide, until I get paid again. My name is Michelle B.

I’m based in Atlanta but drive south in Georgia for work every week. I spend a lot on gas and also on repairs for my car drving back and forth to work every day. The tolls on the highway are so expensive as well. I really have to find another job that is closer to where I live so that I do no need to spend so much money on gas.

We are not moving because where we live is close to where my girlfriend used to work and she hopes she will get hired back on. There is a really good chance of being rehired, otherwise we would both move. I have destroyed my credit rating as a result and it is very very very very bad!

Even payday loan lenders all throughout Georgia won’t give me a loan. I was told that your site was a good place to go for people who have bad credit scores like mine and my girlfriends. Her credit score is not too bad at the moment, but then she just lost her job and is looking for another job right away. She got laid off, but there is a chance that she will be rehired once business picks up.

Please, please, please help me. I need to borrow and get a loan for anywhere around 3-5 thousand bucks in a massive hurry. I’m going lose allot of connections and my FICO score is going to get even worse if I don’t get approved for this small personal loan.

I plan to get a job closer to where we live, reduce the cost of commuting and also limit our expenses until we catch up with everything. Once my girlfriend goes back to work as well, we will be able to get back on our feet financially and build our credit score back up.

I would like to pay this loan back in 6 months, or 180 days and pay every two weeks as well when I get paid. The loan should be transferred to my bank account which I have provided and also  I will pay the loan payments out of this same bank account. I can provide a copy of my pay stub as well so that you can see just how much I make. It is not a lot, but it is enough when my girlfriend is also working and making money. We have enough to pay all of our bills.

I know that you will want a copy of my bank statement for the previous two months and I will provide it to you, although I will tell you right away that there are a couple of checks that were written with insufficient funds in the account. We just miscalculated and should not have written the checks. It was a hard lesson to learn because it cost us quite a bit of money.

Now when we do not have the money, we delay payment until we do have the money. With this loan for people with bad credit in Atlanta Georgia, we will be able to get back on board with all of our debt and we will be able to just focus on one payment to the lender. This will greatly simplify our lives and make it easier to balance our cash flow. Once my girlfriend gets her job back we will be in good shape.

We really appreciate your help in being approved for this bad credit loan. This will be the best thing for us and will help us get back on our feet.