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Just wanted to clarify that Financing USA is not a GEMB Lending affiliate in any way shape or form. We just write articles about financing and GEMB is just another lender that we have covered in the past.

We did an article not too long ago regarding the GEMB RV loan company in which we did a brief outline on their lending practices and I think we even covered their different lending rates. I don’t know because I didn’t write that article.

So if you need to check your account balance(s) with GEMB (General Electric Money Bank) use this contact information below;

GEMB phone contact:
The Number we initially had as a contact is no longer valid. Call the number that is located on the back of your card to contact this company.

There has been some nonsense online from some people claiming that GEMB is some sort of scam. This is complete bunk so don’t be freaked out or anything. They are still a legitimate lending institution, BUT THIS WEB SITE IS NOT OWNED OR AFFILIATED WITH GEMB.

We do have information on RV loans and where to go get one – you can use your mouse to read some of these articles by clicking on the appropriate link to read about the kind of loan you are looking for. There are posts about RV loans as well as car loans, mortgage loans, personal loans with good credit and also for loans with bad credit.

OK…think that is pretty clear now.

Thanks for visiting Financing USA! Here is some extra information about RV loans.

We will also discuss some of the features, issues and areas to be on the outlook for when you are applying for an RV loan through GEMB or another lender that offers RV loans.

The value of the RV including all delivery charges and taxes should be included to ensure that the proper amount of the loan is well established. If you are purchasing a used RV, you may want to make sure that you have the RV appraised as well as check mechanically to ensure that the value is well established and that you are not faced with significant repairs once you have completed your purchase.

Value of the upgrades and additions to a new RV can be significant depending on what you select. When you apply for an RV loan, always make sure that you understand your upper limit in terms of what you can be funded for with an RV loan. You may need to cut back on some of those extras.

Application fees for loans can be involved depending on the lender and the size of the loan. Always ascertain ahead of time to find out what application fees are involved before you finalize the deal and also apply for your RV loan.

Credit ratings will impact your ability to obtain a RV loan just like any other type of loan. If your credit is bad, you may end up paying a slightly higher interest rate than what you originally planned which in turn can impact your monthly payments and the overall cost of the loan.

Depreciation of your new RV is another factor to take into account. Many people will keep them for a long time, while others may plan to travel for a year and then plan to sell them. Industry experts can help you understand how quickly they depreciate and how easy it may be to resell your slightly used RV.

Early repayment is an option to be considered for any loan and an RV loan is no different. Prepaying or making extra payments in addition to your regular monthly payment will always save you money in terms of the amount of total interest that you pay. Review with the lender all of your options regarding how much you can pay each year in addition to the amount that you pay monthly.

Longer term loans will always lower your monthly payments and make in this case an RV more affordable. Of course you are paying on the loan for a longer period of time and will pay more interest in the long run, however this often preferable to paying larger monthly payments and being cash poor.

The RV will be used as collateral for your loan. In the same way that your home is used as collateral, an RV cannot be sold without the loan repaid or assumed by another buyer.