Debt Caused by Sex from $35,000 to $120,000 (an Infographic)

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Debt Caused by Sex from $35,000 to $120,000 (an Infographic)

WARNING: Some viewers of this content may be offended due to it’s sexual nature. 


Here at we have been taking loan requests and debt relief quests from our readers since 2007. Loans ranging from as low as $50 all the way up to our highest loan request for over $3,000,000. We’ve had over a 400,000 users make requests for some form of financing, and over 80,000 requests for debt relief.

The reasons people get themselves in high debt cycles (that they pay off quickly) is varied. There are the typical reasons people find themselves in debt, and then there are the “not so typical reasons for being in debt”.

Then there are the more bizarre reasons for being debt. Today we are publishing this rather salacious infographic which shows 7 different readers who told us about their accumulated debt that they attributed to the quest for sexual gratification.

In some cases these debtors were literally paying for sexual intercourse, but some were purchasing vacations, toys, doll, or collections. Some of these sex toys are REALLY expensive – the diamond dildo near the bottom of the infographic is over a million dollars!

In no way are we interested in making and moral judgements – this is about the financial burdens these folks are dealing with. All these people ended up being stressed out because of their debt. They regretted their out of control spending, but none of them regretted their activity.

From lowest debt to highest debt these are their stories in bullet form;

  • $36,000+ for phone sex bills – Oakland, CA
  • $43,000+ for elaborate sex toys – Los Angeles, CA
  • $67,000+ for strippers (private high end and stage) – Dallas, TX
  • $82,000+ for a massive pornography collection – Philadelphia, PA
  • $83,000+ for sex vacations and hedonism vacations – Miami, FL
  • $111,000+ for high end escort services and prostitutes – New York, NY
  • $121,000+ for top-of-line life-like sex dolls – Atlanta, GA

$36,000+ In Debt Due To Phone Sex Bills

phone-sex-debt-36000Mark from Oakland, California racked up over $36K on phone sex bills. His wife was miffed (to say the least) when she discovered Mark’s extra curricular activities. Sure, the fact that he was hiding his sexual compulsion was a surprise that angered her, but the debt was the last straw for her. The discovery of Mark’s various bills by his wife was the beginning of the end for their 8 year marriage.

After they separated, Mark moved back to Chicago and his wife stayed in Oakland with their children. At the time of Mark’s most active phone sex purchases his wife was suffering from depression and they didn’t have sex at all.

They hadn’t had intercourse for 2 years when Mark started experimenting with phone sex operators.

Phone sex is a 45 billion dollars industry (on an annual basis) so there’s a lot more heavy breathing on those phone lines than we would initially think. This explains the aggressive ad campaigns for phone sex on-line, in magazines, etc.

In Mark’s case his phone activities resulted in him hooking up with three different women in which he paid for actual sex. This increased his debt even faster. We realize some of his debt would be in a different category, but for the sake our study we have recorded the costs associated by the source entry point.

$43,000+ In Debt From Buying Sex Toys

sex-toys-43000-dollarsMichael and Angela from Los Angeles, California really enjoy their sex toys. They were both buying toys when they were teenage lovers.

Michael bought a vibrator to use with Angela when they were both 16 years old. It all started from there. Then they started shopping for butt plugs, whips, leather gear, lotions, anal vibrators, and clitoral pumps.

Angela says that for her it was an obsession to the extreme. She said she still gets excited when she is shopping on the Internet for a new toy that will please Michael and/or herself.

Eventually they got interested in expensive toys that they have on display in their bedroom. Michael said they are not in the slightest bit ashamed by their toys and they even have a $3,500 dildo sitting in it’s velvet display case in their living room.

Suffice to say, their friends are sexually liberated – one of their friends doesn’t have a clue what that thing is sitting on their fire place mantel.

They own two of the toys in this article here (but by no means do they consider their sex life to be creepy). They collect high quality toys from around the world, and some cases they never actually use them. They keep them for decoration and admire them. They’re reminded of all the great orgasms of their lives when they see one of their toys on display or lying around.


$67,000+ In Debt From Strippers & Clubs

debt-from-strippersDan in Dallas, Texas starting going to strip clubs when he was 18 years old. Him and his friends would sometimes arrive at a club for the first show, and stay all day until closing time.

They would sit up at the front of the stage in “gynecology row” watching the dancers and having a great time.

In those days he was single, but even after he was married he kept going to watch strippers. He even hires them to come into his home for private shows.

His wife is in on the action too, and she’s had male strippers come to the house as well.

Dan goes with his wife sometimes when she watches male dancers. He’s not gay or bisexual, so these outings for him are just about hanging out with his wife, having some drinks and dinner.

They have traveled overseas just to go to some of the nicest clubs in the world. For instance they’ve been to Poland, Germany, Canada, and Australia just to go to the gentlemen’s clubs. Dan also travels with his wife to destination clubs so she can watch the men do their thing.

$82,000+ In Debt From Purchasing Pornography Collection

Dennis from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has amassed a VERY large porno collection (all legal). He started with a Playboy subscription when he was in his early twenties, then Penthouse, then Swank, then everything! Dennis has a pristine collection of magazines and his desire to grow his collection is now higher than his desire to masturbate. He has a video collection that almost fills his basement living room area. Dennis is a heterosexual man, but as his desire to be a collector grew, his collection grew into purchasing gay pornography as well.

Dan says it’s “quite a conversation piece” whenever he has company. He keeps his collection under lock and key to make sure minors never see it. He said at one point in our phone conversation that although he loves collecting magazine, videos, and memorabilia,  he has no tolerance for law breakers and abusers.

Many of the videos and magazines have never been opened so he can keep them as collectors items. He owns a mint and untouched Playboy edition which has Bettie Page featured.

Of course his collection doesn’t rival the CIA collection!

$83,000+ In Debt From Going On Sex Vacations

swingers-vacations-clubs-debtKen and Marcie from Miami, Florida love to swing, and they love to travel. This makes for a lot of fun in the sun, and it also makes for some big bills. They have over $83K in debt now that they are slowly paying down. However, they still take their swingers holidays every year (aka – “nakations”), and experiment with new places and people all the time.

They especially like the hedonism resorts and have met some really good friends doing this. Although not all of their travel involves having sex with strangers (in fact many of their destinations are just nudist resorts), the vast majority of it is.

They traveled to Florida to the Rooftop Resort, Jamaica to Hedonism II, and Cancun. They’ve also taken cruises to areas like Hidden Beach in the Riviera Maya.

They said that there has been the odd bad experience, but overall they don’t regret their adventures. This kind of fun is not the norm for sure. Most people can imagine themselves having sex with a different partner than their spouse, but what they don’t like imagining is their spouse having sex with a stranger. Of course some people LOVE seeing their partners with other people.

$111,000+ In Debt From Hiring Prostitutes

Carl from New York, New York has spent over $100K hiring high-end escorts and prostitutes. He has paid over $2000 USD for one night with a call girl. His compulsion has resulted in two divorces unfortunately, and his credit rating has plummeted. He shared his story back in 2008 so hopefully he has dug his way out of the debt hole he was in.

He eventually sought out help for his sex addiction which cost him even more money. We don’t know where he is now – last we heard he was living in the Bahamas.

His choice of sexual desire is very common, but the level of debt he acquired wasn’t normal at all. He said that at his peak usage of prostitutes he was hiring them 3 times a week. In the evening and on weekends.

He has a high paying job as attorney, but he didn’t earn enough to keep out of debt. On top of the escorts and the prostitutes he had a cocaine habit which dragged him down.

He was also a heavy smoker and drinker – as he said, “if it feels good I’ve done it”. Whether or not cigarette smoking makes you “feel good” is another argument for another time. Basically, Carl is a natural addict and sex was just another extension of his addictive personality.

$121,000+ In Debt From Sex Doll Purchases

Kevin and Sheila from Atlanta, Georgia LOVE their sex dolls! And these dolls can be very expensive if you want the high end ones.

The sex doll market has really changed in the last few years because of the high-end model dolls that are being made now my manufactures such as RealDoll by Abyss Creations. There are manufacturers in Japan, and China as well. They’re made in other countries as well.

Quality varies greatly from the classic cheap blow up dolls, all the way to up to dolls that sell for more than $25,000. So you see how a debt over $121,000 is easy to rack up.


Kevin and Sheila have been experimenting with sex dolls for over 20 years and they are currently in their mid sixties. Sheila purchases male sex dolls and Kevin purchases female dolls. They’ve interchanged the sexes of the dolls to turn each other on. They both said that when it comes to sex dolls they’re both bisexual.

The average cost of a silicone sex doll in the mid-range area come in at around $1,200 USD. Kevin and Sheila both own two dolls each that are between $10,000 and $12,000 so that is how their debt started exploding.

Both of them say they have no regrets at all and vow to pay off their debt some day. They’re having difficulty though because Kevin was recently laid off by the employer he had for over a decade in Atlanta, GA. They’ve talked about selling some of their dolls (they have over 30 of them!). The problem is that they don’t want to lose ANY of their friends and they don’t see much of a financial gain from selling them. Selling a used sex doll for a decent price is not easy – as you can well imagine.

They’re family thinks they are truly kinks for sure and they put up with a lot of teasing and finger-pointing by neighbors, co-workers, and even family members. Kevin wishes they never told anyone, or showed anyone their collection, while Sheila is not ashamed of their recreation one little bit.

It was originally Kevin’s idea to order their first sex doll, and Sheila wasn’t exactly wild about the idea. Eventually she accepted Kevin’s sexual turn-ons and started using the dolls as well.

What’s “weird” to some people is how they seem to have an emotional attachment with their dolls – like the dolls have personalities. In fact, every doll has a name and a wardrobe. Over 20% of their debt is from buying clothing and accessories for their dolls. They keep them in a basement living area.




So this sums up our post for debt created by sexual desire. Whatever your reason for debt, there is one thing in common with all people who find themselves in a debt spiral. They’re spending more than they earn. So in simple terms you have to spend less and/or earn more.

We recommend both – MAKE more money, and SPEND less.