Cheap $1000 Cash Advance Loans – Same Day

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Cheap $1000 Cash Advance Loans – Same Day

If you are in the market for a cheap $1000 cash advance loan on the same day, you are not alone. Cash advance loans are becoming increasing popular because they are convenient and offer a large segment of the population a quick way to get a cash loan with no hassles. Many consumers need cash advance loans from time to time to get them through to the next pay check, perhaps to deal with some sort of emergency etc. A friend of mine recently told me that he had to spend $1200 for a brake job on his car. I guess all four wheels needed brake work – new rotors were needed, new brake shoes on the rear and new disc brakes on the front and new calipers.  His brakes were so bad that not only did they all need replacement he was braking on metal and making a terrible squealing noise every time he touched the brakes. He had let them go for as long as he could and now had no choice. He had to replace them. He had $200 in his pocket and he needed a $1000 cash advance loan to pay the difference.

He needed the money the same day so that he could get his car out of the garage and he just did not have the money in his checking account to pay for these repairs. In his case a $1000 cash advance loan the same day was the solution he needed to deal with this emergency. He was able to receive the cash immediately and return to the garage to pay for his car’s repairs. He will pay the loan off plus fees when his paycheck arrives in two weeks. This was a huge emergency that was eliminated through a cash advance loan and the money sent to him on the same day he applied.

Do You Need a Checking Account

Today many transactions are completed online and banking and cheap loans are no different. With a bank account your cheap $1000 cash advance loan can be transferred to your account immediately so that you can access the funds. Clients will either withdraw the money from their bank account or they will go online and transfer the money to whomever they may owe money too. Electronic funds transfer is being used to pay people for their regular pay checks, to pay all kinds of utilities, to pay loans and mortgages and of course to receive the proceeds of a loan that has been approved. It is so convenient that pretty much everyone is using EFT, but you really need a bank account to enable this convenient way of transferring money.

A bank account makes it very easy and no one really needs to know that you have used a cash advance loan service. The reception of the funds and the payment of the loan plus fees are completed online and there is a detailed record showing the transactions. This record can be used for future reference if needed. Your account statement shows all of the debits and credits to your account and there is a permanent record of all of your payments to your lender as well.

Cheap Cash Advance Loans

Many clients are so focused on whatever their emergency is that they forget to check on the fees associated with the loan. If you have the time, compare loans and compare the cost of the loan to find a cheap cash advance loan that makes sense to you from both an interest cost as well as any associated fees that may be tacked on to the loan. Some companies charge lower fees and clients can reduce their overall cost by comparison shopping for loans.

If there is any concern about not having the funds when it comes time to repay the loan, always contact the lender to discuss alternate payment options. If the lender attempts to withdraw the money from your account when there is insufficient funds in the account, there can be significant fees associated with failure to repay the loan as per the agreement.

First of all, your bank will charge an Insufficient Funds fee which can be costly. They automatically deduct this fee from your account and there is not a lot that can be done about it. Secondly the lender you obtained your cheap $1000 cash advance loan from will also levy additional penalty fees against your loan. Now you have the interest cost, the original fees you agreed to and the penalty fees. This can become very expensive and you may question why you took out the cheap cash advance loan in the first place. We urge clients to always confirm ahead of time regarding repayment of their cheap cash advance loans. Make sure that you will have the funds you need to repay the loan when it comes due. If not, discuss alternate payment options with the lender to avoid further and additional fees.

Do I Need to Show My Pay Stub When Applying for a Cheap Cash Advance Loan

Every lender has different requirements from their clients when they are reviewing a loan application. It is a good idea to have your pay stub available should it be needed. If you are applying online, you may also want to scan a copy of the pay stub so that the scanned copy can be sent to the lender for verification.

They will be looking for your net pay, which is the amount after all taxes and other deductions have been removed. This is the amount that is actually deposited into your account. They also can verify your employers name and address and your employee number if you have one. They want to confirm that if you are applying for a $1000 cash advance loan, that you will actually be paid enough on pay day to allow you to repay this loan or at least meet the recurring payments that you have agreed to.

To summarize, you need a copy of your bank statement, your pay stub, and documentation showing your complete address. The lender may want all of these items or a subset of the items mentioned. They will check your credit rating as well, which can sometimes affect how much your are loaned and what the interest rate will be for your loan. An excellent credit rating should allow you to obtain a more competitive interest rate which will reduce your overall cost of the loan.

As we mentioned every lenders requirements are different, so have all of your information ready in case it is needed.