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12 Month Military Base Loans – Killeen TX, Norfolk VA, Fayetteville NC, Charleston SC

Our documentation today is regarding lenders and borrowers in arguably¬†the four largest military bases in the United States. We will be discussing military loans in the following four installations; Fort Hood Army base in Texas, the Norfolk Naval Station in Virginia, Fort Bragg Army base in North Carolina, and finally (and NOT least!) the Charleston…
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$5000 Dollar Payday Loan – Myrtle Beach, SC – Funeral Burial Costs

Mark from Myrtle Beach South Carolina was requesting a bad credit loan for $5000. He didn’t want a normal conventional loan with the bank (his branch being the Bank of America in downtown Myrtle Beach), but instead he was looking for a payday loan for $5000 that he could pay back at the end of…
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