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Survey Poll: How Am I Going To Get Out Of Debt?

Today’s poll/survey asked the question, “What is your plan for reducing debt?” Once again, the results were a little bit surprising – and concerning. All data is presented in the infographic below. Click here to read Choice #7 for the best way to get rid of your debt AND not hurt your credit rating. About The Survey…
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Survey Poll: Top 10 Reasons Why People End Up With Spiraling Debt

Infographic at bottom of page . 😆 Well almost 10 reasons! For our infographic results of our survey we have the top 9 reasons why people end up with a lot of bad debt issues. For the purposes of interest we have typed out the text below in the image as well. The survey question…
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Survey Poll: 2015 Student Loan Debt Survey – United States

For 2015 we have the student loan debt survey results now in. Below is the infographic of our results. This is for the United States only. We discuss the data a little more below the pie chart. Our sample size was 78,389 and taken from all USA States, which included all non-continental States. ——————————————————- ——————————————————…
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Survey Poll: Stress Because of Debt

Stress due to debt is very common, and we wanted to know what our users were feeling about their debt. So we asked them. Below is an infographic we created representing the answers provided in the surveys filled out by our users regarding debt related stress. The sample size was 43,289 people who had FICO…
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