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Need To Borrow 20,000 By Tomorrow In PA

Our latest applicant is actually a business customer, and needs $20,000 by tomorrow to facilitate the purchase of equipment for one of his customers. He realizes that he did not manage the cash flow situation very well in this case. He would normally have cash on hand to deal with special orders that require cash…
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1 – 4 Year Loans in PA for Bad Credit (Based on Job Income Only)

Notice: Before entering into a loan agreement for debt consolidation (whether you have bad credit or good credit) you should be aware of the usury laws in your State. Know the law and protect yourself. Today we’re looking at loans in Pennsylvania and we have four different loans which we are addressing. The first loan…
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4 Loans ($1000-$5000) on SSI? Case Studies in NY, PA, IL, FL

We thought that we should include some approved loans that came through our website from people on SSI, or in long form, Social Security Income, also known as Supplemental Security Income. Also called Social Security Benefits, but as far as a blanket term for borrowers and lenders, and this discussion, we will use the SSI…
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$3K-$125K+ Credit Card (Visa, MC, Amex) Consolidation Loans in NY, PA, NJ

Introduction to Credit Card Consolidation Loans for NY, NJ, PA Today is our first lending discussion this fall and it’s based on applicants who are applying for loans so that they can clean up their credit card debts. We don’t have much information on borrowers who have got themselves into a difficult situation because of…
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$1K-$10K Unsecured Personal Signature Loans – Bad Credit in Philadelphia, Pa

For the state of Pennsylvania we will start with borrowers requesting unsecured personal loans between $1000 and $10,000 (in Philadelphia). Of course, it only makes sense that we would cover this largest PA city first. We have four different loans to discuss in this publication. One for $3000, one for $5000, one for $7000, and…
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