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Advantage of Using Banks Loans Compared To Payday Loans

This client needs $3000 to pay for repairs to his car and his truck. He does not know what his credit rating is or if he even has one and he has been using a check cashing service to cash his paychecks from where he works as a laborer doing landscaping work. He has been…
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Payday Loan Companies in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Post Falls, and Coeur D Alene

Here is our list of Payday Loan and Cash Advance companies in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Post Falls, and Coeur D Alene. We also list a paycheck cashing company in Fairchild Afb. We chose to included payday loan companies that do business in Washington and Idaho simply because Coeur D Alene and Post Falls are so…
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Payday Lenders and Laws in North Carolina

A brief, but concise page just went up over at regarding payday lenders and laws in North Carolina. The same basic rules of thumb apply for all high fee, high interest rate loans in any State, City, Town, or County. Borrower beware! The page I’m referencing here today at Lazer Loan explains the laws…
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Payday Advances in Waukegan, IL?

Just North of Chicago is a sizable city named Waukegan, and of course they have some of the typical short-term lenders in the city and nearby. We’re not recommending you get a loan from one of these fee-based lenders. Usually they charge between $10-$30 dollars for every $100 dollars you borrow. If want to see…
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Payday Loan and Cash Advance Warning

Unfortunately, payday loans are far too easy to procure. Sometimes I wish that it took a little bit more time before you can get approved for a cash advance or paycheck advance as some people call it.

Payday Loan Cash Advance Underwriter

Payday loan and cash advance underwriters carry out their duties in a very systematic way. I have personally spoken with a local payday loan lender and things are not as rosy as you would guess. Much of the money that they lend out never gets repaid and many people who got the payday loans just…
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