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DTI – Debt To Income Ratio Acronym Description

DTI is consumer lending acronym that stands for, Debt To Income Ratio – used by banks and lenders as another benchmark for deciding on whether an applicant will qualify for a loan or not. It can also be used by the applicant to help them manage their finance plans and avoid getting into a situation…
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FP100 – Loan Product Acronym Description

FP100 is the acronym we use for the term, Fee Per $100, or Fee Per One Hundred Dollars – which is small consumer lending product term that describes the fees a high-interest personal loan provider charges their customers. For example, a payday loan provider, or signature loan lender will usually charge their customers a fee…
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USL – Loan Product Acronym Description

The acronym USL stands for our financial product term, Unsecured Signature Loan – an unsecured signature loan is¬†one whereby the borrower/applicant isn’t required to provide security¬†in the form of tangible collateral, such as home equity, a vehicle, or an item of value in excess of the applied for loan. The term Signature Loan is used…
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What is a Credit Union

Many different people ask what is the difference between a credit union and a bank. There is not a lot of difference but this article should straighten out any questions you may have regarding the difference between your local credit union and your local banks. A credit union is a nonprofit financial cooperative that makes…
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