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How Much Happier Will I Be With No Debt?

This consumer has asked an interesting question. He wants to know how much happier will I be with no debt? He also wants to know if he will be approved for a $35,000 loan and is it the right approach. The answer to the second question is actually easier. There should be no problem with…
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Debt Consolidation Videos

On this post we are uploading some videos we like regarding debt consolidation. How debt consolidation works and how debt settlement and debt relief work. These videos were created by others and we have edited them to suit the United States. They’re helpful if you want to learn about your options of paying down debt.…
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Survey Poll: How Am I Going To Get Out Of Debt?

Today’s poll/survey asked the question, “What is your plan for reducing debt?” Once again, the results were a little bit surprising –¬†and concerning. All data is presented¬†in the infographic below. Click here to read Choice #7 for the best way to get rid of your debt AND not hurt your credit rating. About The Survey…
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Survey Poll: Stress Because of Debt

Stress due to debt is very common, and we wanted to know what our users were feeling about their debt. So we asked them. Below is an infographic we created representing the answers provided in the surveys filled out by our users regarding debt related stress. The sample size was 43,289 people who had FICO…
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