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What Is Considered A Low Interest Rate For A Car Loan? (FICO 500-600)

A client is planning on purchasing a new car, lives in Indio California and is a store manager at an upscale store in the city. His credit rating is in good shape, he rents an apartment and owns his current vehicle which he plans to trade in. He has two questions. First, what is considered…
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Car Title Loan for $5000 in Kansas City Missouri

This customer has just been handed some bad news. His furnace has quit, been red flagged and needs to be replaced at a projected cost of $5000, which is what he has applied for. He has an excellent credit rating, a home with equity available on it and a car that is also fully paid…
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Vehicle Title Loan for $3000 in KC Missouri

The latest applicant is applying for a $3000 vehicle title loan and likes the idea of being able to do this online which will save him a trip into town to meet a lender at his local bank. What he may not like is the cost of a vehicle title loan. There are several types…
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15000 Used Car Loan for in Houston Texas

This borrower has a really good strategy when it comes to borrowing money for a used car. He has applied for the full amount of what the car is going to cost him. He plans to sell his current car and apply the proceeds to his used car loan, reducing the loan by a third.…
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Used Car Loan for 20000 in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

This applicant is applying for a used car loan and lives and works in Fort Worth, Texas. He is applying for a loan of $20,000 to buy this car and is purchasing the car from a trusted friend who apparently has taken really good care of the car. His credit rating is excellent and he…
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Loans For Used Cars Under $2000

This latest applicant is looking for loans for used cars under $2000. He has $1000 saved so he can purchase a car that is valued up to $3000.  He is a taxi driver, does not own his own car and makes approximately $1000 a week after all expenses have been paid. He has applied for…
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