Cash Advance Stores in Forest Park, GA – Clayton County

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Cash Advance Stores in Forest Park, GA – Clayton County

There are little over half a dozen check cashing stores in Forest Park, Ga. We have some of these lenders included in the list below at the bottom of this post. We ask all proprietors and borrowers, and applicants, to help us keep the list updated – simply let us know if any changes need to be made by leaving us a comment on this particular post and we will update the list accordingly.

If you own, or manage, a Payday Loan store in Forest Park, or anywhere in Clayton County, GA you are welcome to add your business to this list. We are getting quite fast when it come to adding new cash advance shops to our list – usually in 24 hours of being informed! Again just leave us a comment with the details and we will be happy to add your cash advance store to the list.

We also have another page that lists the check cashing shops located in Forest Park – there is more information there if you think you need to further your research today. Getting approved should not be a problem if you don’t have severe borrowing history. If you have a poor credit rating or a recently NSF check go bouncing through a payday lender’s system, you should be alright for a fast approval.

Forest Park in Clayton County Ga – Payday Loan Table of Listings

Note that Star Check Cashing has two different locations (phone numbers and addresses) and that one of their listing shows that they provide payday loans with no Teletrack verification during their application request, but that has been disputed here at FUSA. We don’t bother calling every single cash advance company in the Great State of Georgia, so please let us know the status as far as Teletrack checking goes. We’ll approve the changes in minutes – well, at least within 24 hours or overnight.

Why Choose a Cash Advance Store to Cash Your Check

Not everyone can afford to have a bank account these days. Since 2008, many banks have started charging ridiculous fees just to keep a bank account open forcing many people to close their accounts. However without a bank account these same people will have a difficult time cashing personal checks and even pay checks from where they work. Although most companies want to use electronic funds transfer these days to pay their employees, if you do not have a bank account they have to issue a paper pay check instead. If you do not have an account with a bank for example, most banks will not even consider cashing any kind of check including a pay day check.

Cash advance stores offer this service, usually for a fee, with no bank account required and no holding of funds. They will verify the check on the spot and if you have a good credit rating with them they will often process the check within minutes and you are on your way with your cash. Most also provide convenient parking and are open for longer hours than many banks are which is another consideration if you work all day and find it difficult to get to a place to cash your check.

What Kind of Checks Will a Cash Advance Store Cash in Forest Park, GA – Clayton County

Each cash advance store will have slightly different guidelines about processing checks and cashing checks. You may have to check with several to find the best arrangements that meet your specific needs. Most cash advance stores will cash payroll checks, cashier’s checks, income tax refund checks, government checks, insurance settlement checks, money orders and even personal checks.

If you do not want to carry a lot of actual cash on your person and do not have an account to deposit it into, some cash advance stores will also issue a prepaid debit card which can be used to make purchases and pay for bills in locations where debit cards are accepted. This can be a convenient service for many people who are uncomfortable with carrying cash with them.

Are There Additional Services Offered By Cash Advance Stores

Again every company is a bit different in terms of the services they offer and what they charge for their services. Depending on what services you feel that you need you may want to pick one company vs. another for the services they offer or the prices they charge.

We will list a few of the services that some of these companies offer:

  • Check cashing
  • Prepaid visa cards
  • Prepaid debit cards
  • Bill payments
  • Money transfers
  • Installment loans
  • Title loans
  • Western union transfers
  • Gold buying
  • Tax filing services
  • Insurance
  • Auto insurance

Payday cash advance loans are also popular with people who know they will be receiving a check from their place of employment in a few days or a week’s time, but need some money now to deal with some sort of emergency expense they have. Credit can be establish with some or all of these companies and a payday cash advance loan processed to help you deal with whatever emergency you have. Customers can then cash their checks with the company and repay the cash advance loan at that time plus any fees that have been agreed to.

This is a convenient service for customers who do not have a bank account and no way of really establishing a credit rating in the usual format. If you are due to receive a government check for example, perhaps a refund on your taxes, a cash advance loan can also be processed for this as well. You do not need to wait for your refund check, you can gain access to the money immediately and use it for whatever you need. In some cases these companies will even process your tax return for you and based on the return provide you a cash advance loan.

As we mentioned earlier in the post there are several companies in the Forest Park, GA – Clayton County area. Look for one close to you and compare services they offer to make sure that you obtain the services at prices that make sense for you.


Name Address City/Town State Phone Loan Service
La Fortuna Cash & Carry 4770 Lake Mirror Place Forest Park GA 404 361-8586 Chck Cashing
Ace Cash Express 4703 Jonesboro Road Forest Park GA 404 366-3576 Payday Loans
La Fortuna Cash & Carry 4666 Lake Mirror Place Forest Park GA 404 968-3504 Payday Loans
Star Check Cashing INc 4806 Jonesboro Road Forest Park GA 404 447-1517 Payday Loans
Star Check Cashing Inc 4039 Jonesboro Road Forest Park GA 404 366-3848 No Tele track
Ayuda Latino Multiservice 5863 Old Dixie Hwy # I Forest Park GA 404 593-2994 Chck Cashing
La Fortuna Cash & Carry 16 Forest Parkway Forest Park GA 404 968-3504 Chck Cashing