Loan Calculators [2]

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Loan Calculators [2]

In case you have ever wonder about what the payments on a loan would be, or perhaps what the real cost of a mortgage is going to be, we have provided a number of calculators to help you get those answers. Also consumers may wonder how much interest they will save on a loan or mortgage if they make extra payments. There is a calculator for that as well!

The following loan calculators are below;

  • credit card balance transfer calculator to assess how much money you can save
  • cost of credit card(s)¬†calculator to see what your credit card really costs you
  • extra payment calculator to see what the impact is when you make an extra payment
  • flat rate loan calculator to see what a loan is going to cost you with a flat rate
  • all purpose loan calculator

Credit Card Balance Transfer Calculator

Enter amount of credit card balance to transfer, current interest rate, balance transfer fee, introductory interest rate with new creditor, introductory rate period in months, and final interest rate after introductory offer is over with new creditor. Breaks down all of the costs and payments with the new creditor. This is a really neat calculator that will tell you just how much you will save by transferring and how long it will take to break even. If the balance transfer fee is low or zero, the break even savings period can be in the first month. High transfer fees can push your breakeven point out several months. Try different interest rates and amounts to experiment with your interest costs and savings.


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Cost Of Credit Cards Calculator

Enter credit card balance total, interest rate on consolidation loan or even what you are currently paying, any annual fees that are charged by your credit card to get the cost of interest for your credit card. Next change the interest rate consistent with a consolidation loan to see the difference in costs for the new loan. Calculates and shows you the annual cost on the note and the cost per month. many people will be surprised at how much their credit cards are costing them and how much they can save on a consolidation loan. This is a great interest calculator for consumers to use to assess their personal debt situation and the costs associated with their credit cards.

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Extra Payment Calculator

Now this is a really great calculator. Enter loan amount, years to pay off loan, annual interest rate, and extra payment per month. Calculates original total cost of financing, extra payment total over term of loan, and total saved from making the extra payments every month. It will tell you how much money in interest charges you will save if you make extra payments each month. Always sign up for a mortgage that allows for extra payments so that you can take advantage of this extraordinary savings opportunity. On a hundred thousand dollar mortgage over 25 years at 5% and paying just $10 a month extra can save you over $2800 on the interest you would pay. Paying an extra $100 a month saves you over $20,000 on the mortgage!

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Flat Rate Loan Calculator

Need to find out what a loan is going to cost you, try this calculator. Enter loan amount, loan length in years, and annual interest. Shows total cost of loan and your monthly installment payment. Vary the amount you want to borrow, the interest rate or the time you want to take to pay back the loan to see the difference in total cost of the loan and the monthly payments.

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With all of this information consumers can now figure out for themselves what their payments will be if they consolidate some of their debt with a better interest rate. they can figure out as well what they will pay in interest over the term of a mortgage and how much they will save if they make an extra payment every month. The savings can be substantial and well worth the effort just to get away from paying on a loan for all those years. Try any of calculators and experiment until you find the right combination that works for your financial situation.