Bad Credit Loan – $1000, $2000, $3000 from Boston, Chicopee, Worcester, Springfield Massachusetts

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Bad Credit Loan – $1000, $2000, $3000 from Boston, Chicopee, Worcester, Springfield Massachusetts

Bad Credit Loan – $1000, $2000, $3000 from Boston, Chicopee, Worcester, Springfield Massachusetts — our applicant was rather confusing in their loan request for between 1000 – 3000 thousand dollars in less than two days.

Our applicant applied for this loan online in the middle of the night and wanted the money in their checking account in a Bank of America branch account by the following morning. Basically an overnight loan that needed to be approved outside of normal business hours and transferred electronically to his bank account at Bank of America.

The application was for a Bad Credit Loan for a variable amount of $1000, $2000, or $3000 from Boston, Chicopee, Worcester, Springfield Massachusetts area.

He really needs a loan for between 1k, 2k, and 3k approved tonight and the cash delivered via EFT tomorrow AM. Although he did not indicate why he needed the loan he is travelling for work which means he probably cannot deposit his pay check to his account while he is on the road.

He has borrowed with us before, so there is a reasonable probability that he will repay this loan as well, however we still must do due diligence in processing the loan and verifying his credentials to confirm the risk level and the associated charges for interest rates and processing fees.

His Application for Bad Credit Loan – $1000, $2000, $3000

I have an extremely bad credit rating and I am traveling on the road doing contract work for a client of mine, so I can get the money from my BOA account in Boston (home), or Chicopee, Worcester, or Springfield. I will just use a local ATM to withdraw the money as needed and once I get home will be able to deposit my invoice check to my account.

We’re doing work all over the State of Mass. so it doesn’t matter where the money comes from, as long as you qualify this loan fast. Last time I applied for a loan like this, it was processed very quickly as well and you also need some documentation from me for the loan application process. For example I think I had to provide copies of my bank statements for several months and also a pay stub as well.

Unfortunately since I am travelling at the moment I cannot send copies of my bank account statements. They are at home and I will not be back there until the weekend. I cannot wait that long to have this loan processed so I am asking that you approve the loan based on my previous record of repaying the loan.

Also I do not have a regular pay stub as you know from the last loan. Instead I work contract for a number of clients and bill them when the work is completed. They pay me by check and mail it to my home. Payment is usually within 30 days after the invoice has been sent.

I have left myself short this time both with travelling and not billing as often as I should. I really have to do a better job at managing my cash flow so that I can avoid these bad credit loans for small amounts in the $1000 to $3000 range. I know if I can do this it will save me a lot of money in terms of the interest that I pay as well as the fees that you charge.

This contract work is really great since it pays really well, however it does not pay as often as a regular company when you are an employee working for them. Managing your cash flow becomes really important as a result. My bad credit rating stems from this problem since I was unable to repay some bills on time by their due date over the past year. These are all paid up and your loan to me in the past was also paid on time as well.

Do you think that you can process this loan quickly and have the money in my account by the end of the day or at least by the morning if the next day? You can use the same account information from my previous loan.