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Financing-USA.com is owed and managed by Bonavista Web Inc. located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Headquarters located in the MKS Building street address: 4511 Glenmore Trail #75, Calgary, AB T2C 2R9, Alberta, Canada – See our contact page to get in contact.

Most of FUSA’s content is written by Brent Truitt, author and personal finance blogger.

Our goal at Financing-USA.com is quite simple. We journal lending and borrowing in the United States as well as connect borrowers and lenders through our online pre-application forms. Our lenders have access to our database (once they have been screened) and whenever a new loan application is submitted online, they have access to the information – NOT your personal information however!

Our loan application forms are stripped of private information, and you do not provide private information until the lender(s) have contaced you. You fill out the pre-app, the lenders browse your information, then make a decision on whether or not to contact you via email.

It’s really that simple, and very effective. We’ve had many times here when the lenders themselves we’re bidding DOWN their APR (annual percentage rate) in order to approve applicants. This is why FUSA has become so popular in the last 3 years.

Thanks for your patience as well, as we work to revamp our look and navigation of the site.

When we provide articles (posts) on ourĀ  blog system they are exclusively about loans that have been applied for in the United States. You can email us if you wish to have a story added, or submitted.

Thanks for coming by Financing-USA.com!!!