A Summer of Loans

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A Summer of Loans

So hello my gentle souls – it was a busy summer here on FUSA and we have a lot of borrowers here trying to find loans, and we managed to direct over 3200 borrowers to lenders that got approved for their financing. No small task. We, as usual, were taking the summer off from adding case studies, and spent more time simply collecting data and deciding on which loan examples we were going to write about this winter.

Time To Get Back To Work Because I’ve Been “Underwriting”

We will be doing things a little different this winter with updated template for each loan study. We want to create a different application information table, and update the way the terms of each loan is presented. Then we want to change things up with the “map-images” showing the location of the borrowers and applicant. Looking forward to getting this a little slicker. We have always had a very rudimentary list and look, which served it’s purpose at the time, but we want to show more information on the borrower and the lender in each loan transaction. We don’t know exactly how the final format will work for 2012 -2013, but I have a basic idea in my head.

New – More on Title Loans in 2012-2013

This year I think we are going to be heading into the vehicle title loan area a little more, as we don’t have many case studies on car and truck title loans, and/or mobile home title loans. There are a lot of people who are in dire need of a small advance, and the only collateral they really have is their wheels – and by the way, we won’t be discussing motorcycle title loans at all. Just not really based in reality. Most lenders need to see the collateral is accessible to them in case of default.

So for our new title loan category we will be setting up tables for the Kelley Blue Book value(s) and the loan request data, and then a “map-image” showing a picture of the vehicle super-imposed over an image of the borrower’s location in the United States – so yes, the title loan category will different than last year’s work for sure.

We don’t work with any title loan lenders in the USA, but we will try and find a good lender that uses a fair APR and doesn’t charge really stupid rates – such a pain when I see some of these loan sharks applying their trade online every hour of every day.

Other New Things on Financing-USA.com in 2012-2013

As far as our look is concerned, we will be sticking with the basic layout of the site, but we are going to be changing and adding some interesting items – first of all we are going add a place where lenders can run their ads for a reasonable price, and not tie us down with managing it all. We will be making this ad system for lenders so they can seamlessly create their own ads and the payment transactions per month will be handled with Paypal (yeah…..I know, PP can sometimes be a pain setting up – but it’s automatic once you get it all set up.

Handling Loan Applications Differently

Our process of handling loans applications has always been somewhat cumbersome and we did things manually – we used the pre-apps created by our visiting applicants, and then we would sort them manually from the back end of the site and send them emails at the same time alerting lenders of the new app that went through – this took a lot of labour and was counter-productive.

From now on our system will be automatic. After every new loan application is submitted the applicant will be sent a thank you message in their email and they will be given links to the different recommend lenders we are using at the particular time. This will be more efficient and we don’t have to hire staff to manually handle all loan applications – hoorahhhh!

Ok, that covers most of what is going to be coming up in the near future, so hang on tight – things are going to get going here later this week!