$800 Bad Credit Loan – Fast Cash Advance Application in Tucson Arizona

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$800 Bad Credit Loan – Fast Cash Advance Application in Tucson Arizona

Hello everyone at FUSA. My name is Denis J. and I need to get a loan, a fast cash advance for $800 as quickly as you can. I’m applying from Tucson Arizona.

I’m really having trouble finding some kind of loan in a mad dash to get my motorcycle out of the shop. It had to go in for repairs because it was not safe to ride. All of the repairs are now completed and it is ready for me to get it back. But they won’t let me have my bike back until I pay off what I owe them for parts and labor. I understand their position, however I am in a really tight spot here because I need this bike for work and of course for social activities including just getting around.

I am stuck here with no transportation without it and I have too bad of a credit rating to get money from any other sources. I have checked with a number of places to see if I can borrow some money, even including a few friends. They are all tapped out and can only come up with a about 50% of the money that I need to be able to pay for the repairs and get my bike back.

I don’t have any credit left on my credit cards, I have only two cards and neither one has any room left to borrow against. They are not large balances, only $2000 each, but there is just not enough room on either of them to deal with these repairs.  I don’t have a line of credit.

I just paid my rent for the month, my utilities for electricity etc and my cash in my bank account is almost zero until I get paid next week. My next paycheck does not arrive until next week and I really cannot wait until then to get access to my bike.  I need to get a loan today before 5pm when the bike shop closes. Otherwise I have find a way home and somehow get to work tomorrow.

I also talked to the bike shop and they understand the situation, but are firm in their position that they will not release the bike to me until the repairs are paid for. They will hold the bike for me until I get paid next week. After that they are not clear regarding what they will do with the bike. The worst that could happen is that they sell the bike to cover the cost they have into the bike which is the $800. I really need this bad credit loan.

I read that you provide bad credit loans and provide fast cash advance loans in the Tucson area. I am hoping that your advertising lives up to reality, because of the urgency for this loan. Right now I do not have a way of getting to work tomorrow. If I cannot get this loan, I guess I will have to find another way to get to work. If I were to lose my job it would really be bad news.

I know this sounds like a really sad story and I know that in the future I am going to have to manage by cash flow a lot better, but right now I need to fix this short term problem and get my bike back. The repair shop will give me a weeks grace before they start charging interest on the repairs which coincides with when I get paid, but I really cannot wait that long.

Can you help with this loan request? At least let me know today whether you can lend the money to me so I can stop looking for ways to borrow some money and get my bike back from the repair shop.