$7500 Used Car Loan in Coral Springs Florida for Honda Accord Hybrid – Chong K.

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$7500 Used Car Loan in Coral Springs Florida for Honda Accord Hybrid – Chong K.

$7500 Used Car Loan in Coral Springs Florida for Honda Accord Hybrid – Chong K. — Introduction

We all grow up thinking we are going to make a lot of money at a job we love, have a nice house, pay all of my bills, go on nice vacations, etc. This is really the epitome of the American dream and it is possible if you work hard and have a bit of luck. Unfortunately, once we are thrown into the real world we soon realize that life can be very unpredictable and things do not always turn out the way we want them to. I was offered a credit card early on in college. I needed to pay ….continued below —>

$7500 Used Car Loan in Coral Springs Florida for Honda Accord Hybrid – Chong K – App Form

Continued from above… for books and my job was not covering all of my expenses so I thought I would accept it. I thought I could keep up with the monthly payments not realizing the high interest rates that credit cards typically charge on unpaid balances. A year later, I had reached the limit on my credit card and had moved on to the next one and this one also was near its limit when I graduated. As you can imagine, this did not help my credit situation at all. By the time I graduated from college, I had accumulated a lot of debt and my credit rating was suffering because of it. Many readers may not realize that each time you take on a new credit card; this will negatively impact your credit rating even if you do not use it.

Now that I have graduated, I am one of the lucky ones to have found a job and make relatively good money. During school I was driving an old beater to get me back and forth to school, but now it is kind of embarrassing to be seen driving this car and I am ready for a new one. After all with the new job I should be able to afford one.

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I am applying all over the place for a used car loan, but no one will touch me due to my bad credit rating. All I need is a used car loan that will let me upgrade to a decent used car that I can use to get back and forth to work every day. The guys at work are really teasing me about this old beater that I am currently driving. No one will approve a used car loan for me due to the low credit rating that I have. Can you help?

Can a Broker Help in a Situation Like this One?

The answer is definitely yes is many cases when the applicant is dealing with a bad credit situation. In fact a broker might be able to help this client with his existing debt as well. He is paying the monthly payments on several credit cards and the interest rate is also very high. By consolidating his credit card debt with his used car loan at a lower interest rate, his monthly payments may end up not being much higher than what he is currently paying for his credit card debt alone. Obviously the amount of his debt will depend on how much will be approved relative to his income.

A broker can work with this client to establish a proper course of action regarding how much to borrow, at what interest rate and what the monthly payments will be to ensure that he will be able to meet the monthly payments. Once this is established, they can then canvas their list of lenders to find a lender who will approve a used car loan and also help to consolidate all of his credit card debt. With all of the contacts that most brokers have in the lending community, there is a really good chance that this client will be approved for a used car loan / consolidation loan which will get him back on track regarding his credit rating. He should really discontinue several of the credit cards that he has so that these cards will not continue to negatively affect his credit rating.