$700 Dollar Bad Credit Loan in Crowley Louisiana – For School Supplies

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$700 Dollar Bad Credit Loan in Crowley Louisiana – For School Supplies

I’m going to school soon and I have no way of paying for some supplies and books, a laptop and such. I need to borrow a $700 dollar bad credit loan in Crowley Louisiana for school using one these cash advance payday loan in minute’s services that you see advertised all over the place. I have saved enough money to pay for the tuition and my lodging for the school term. But I am falling short on the money I need for supplies.

I’ve tried getting qualified in my home City of Crowley Louisiana with a lender that claims they give loans to people with bad credit, but alas – none of them came through with an approval. I really need this loan for school. They claimed that I was too high a risk to lend money too. They were concerned that I would not be able to repay the loan.

Now I have given up on getting the cash money in Crowley and I’m going online to find a 100% online Internet lender to make this happen. Maybe a mortgage broker with access to many different lenders will be able to connect my application with a lender who is willing to take the risk of lending me money.

Lenders seem to want a lot of information for even a small loan like this one. They are asking for a bank account number and a copy of my last statement. They said they wanted to confirm that I actually had a bank account and that I did not have any checks that were turned back with insufficient funds.

I really need the money fast, but they want to transfer the funds electronically to my bank account which will likely take 24 hours for it to show up. They also want to withdraw these funds from the same bank account which is ok, I guess, but I will not have the funds to pay the loan for a few weeks. I am in the process of trying to find a part time job.

They want me to show that I actually have some income to be able to repay the loan that I am applying for. How can I show that I will have the income? I am in the process of looking for a job after school so that I make some money for this loan and also to pay for my other school expenses.

I have a bad credit rating to since I really do not have any credit history. What student is going to have credit history, let alone a good credit history? You cannot get a loan and you cannot show that you can pay it off, but that stops you from building credit history!

I have never missed a payment or passed any bad checks or anything of that sort. But unless you have had some sort of debt, you’re just not going to have a credit rating. It does not help that I presently do not even have a part time job either. Sounds like the classic chicken and egg situation to me.

This is a really difficult situation for me since I need a solution to this problem. I can start school without these supplies, but pretty soon I will fall behind everyone else if I do not have the books I need and the supplies that are needed. If I cannot find a lender to loan me this money, I may have to see if my parents can spot me for a loan to get me through this difficult situation. They will be a little more understanding in terms of loan repayment.