$5000 Bad Credit Loan from Portland, Westbrooke, Falmouth, Scarborough Maine – Chrissy J.

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$5000 Bad Credit Loan from Portland, Westbrooke, Falmouth, Scarborough Maine – Chrissy J.

$5000 Bad Credit Loan from Portland, Westbrooke, Falmouth, Scarborough Maine – Chrissy J. — This loan application for people with bad credit came in Monday morning, January 10th, bright and early. It was obviously filled out over the weekend and submitted as an online bad credit loan application. We spoke briefly with the client this morning.

Hi to staff of FUSA first of all and I want to say a happy new year to all there. I got a loan through your site before and thanks for that. Everything worked out well for me and I think the lender as well.

I need another short-term financing option for $3000, $4000, $5000, to be approved in 7 days, and I want this loan to be for a 90 day period.

My credit rating is still very poor and because of my bad credit I am fully expecting to pay a higher interest rate. My credit rating has improved a bit and I did repay the loan that I got before on time without any late fees or any other problems. I don’t want to be paying an APR of higher than 15% on this loan even with my bad credit rating. I am hoping my previous loan track record will help in this regard. It should have established that I am a better credit risk than what my credit rating actually shows. Thx again gang for your help on the phone this morning.

I have been searching hi and lo in my State of Maine, but I can’t seem to find a bank or banker that will even consider my application. I have wasted a lot of time filling in applications, making an appointment to see a banker, only to have them refuse to provide me with a loan. They are a total waste of time. They take one look at my credit rating and apologize as they turn down my loan. They do not even bother to inquire about my job, how much money I make or if I have an account with them.

I can send you a copy of my pay stub which shows how much I make each month. I have been at the same job now for one and a half years. I get paid every two weeks and the money is deposited directly to my bank account. I can even get a letter from my boss showing that I am an excellent employee.

I can also include a copy of my past two monthly statements from my checking account. You will see that my pay checks are deposited like clockwork and that I have no checks refused due to insufficient funds. I think I now have a very good record that is not really supported by my credit rating. I have repaid all of my previous debt, my loan to you guys, my credit cards etc, so I am good shape from a current debt perspective.

The problem is and this is why I need the $5000 Bad Credit Loan, is that my car suddenly quit last week and now I am without wheels. If you live in the Portland, Westbrooke, Falmouth, Scarborough Maine area, then you already know that if you do not have wheels, you really cannot get around easily. I need a car quick to get back and forth to work. Right now I am riding with a friend for the next two weeks, but then he is going on vacation, so I need to find a car in that time.

This is the reason I need the $5000 loan, which I will use as a down payment on a used car. Hopefully I can find a car that does not cost more than $5000 or I do not know what I will do. This is my best chance and I hope you guys will come through for me again and connect me with a lender that can lend me the money. Thanks, I really appreciate it.