$500, $750, $1000 Bad Credit Loan from Rhode Island – Providence, Cranston, Pawtucket, Taunton – Missy K.

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$500, $750, $1000 Bad Credit Loan from Rhode Island – Providence, Cranston, Pawtucket, Taunton – Missy K.

$500, $750, $1000 Bad Credit Loan from Rhode Island – Providence, Cranston, Pawtucket, Taunton – from Missy K. — Loan application for more people who have bad credit ratings.

Hi — my name is Missy K. and I live and work in Rhode Island. I need a loan for $1000 but I can settle for $500 or $750……whatever you can approve me for the fastest. The minimum I need is $500 to pay my rent today and avoid a bounced check.

This is an emergency loan for dire straits situation. I can pay you back by month’s end, and I’m not overly concerned with how much the fees and interest comes to on the loan. I know the fees and the interest rate will likely be higher than regular loans, however speed is important here at this time. I need to have the loan money in my account by the end of the day to avoid an insufficient funds charge on my bank account.

I should not have written the check without the money in the account, but I had no choice. My landlord was giving me a hard time about paying the rent for last month so I just wrote him a check. The bank will get this check to process sometime later today and I really need to make sure that I have the money to put into my account before that happens.

I am coming into some inheritance money next week which will ensure you are paid back on time as promised to you in my pre-application form on your web site. If this inheritance happens on time, which my lawyer promises me that it will, I will be able to pay all of my debts off at the same time and live well for many years. I just need to get through next week without my credit rating getting any worse than it already is.

I have REALLY bad credit and no collateral to write home about. This will all change next week. Please process my funding ASAP. I have lived my whole entire live in Providence, Cranston, Pawtucket, and Taunton. I got into this situation when I lost my job and could not pay my bills for awhile. I did not pay my credit cards and had real trouble even paying my rent. Needless to say it was not a fun time.

Once I got my current job, which I have been at for a year, my finances have started to improve and I have been paying all of my bills including rent on a regular basis. I just forgot about a couple of things and some bad timing with regards to payments I needed to make. I have to get better at managing cash flow. I get paid next week and my in heritance comes in as well, so I will have lots of money to repay everything. I just do not want this check I wrote this week to bounce.

I am not worried about the cost of the loan. I know the interest rate will probably be higher than 10% and there will be fees associated with this loan. This is not a concern to me right now. I just really want to make sure that the check does not bounce.

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!! This will mean a lot to me and save me a lot of trouble as well.  As I mentioned I have lived in the Rhode Island – Providence, Cranston, Pawtucket, Taunton area all of my life and I just cannot bare the fact if any of my friends find out about this situation. This is why I applied on line for this loan rather than come down to your office. I did not want anyone that I know to see me. Besides when you are applying for a bad credit loan or any loan for that matter, online, it is so much easier than making an appointment, taking time off work etc. You just do everything online.