$500 – $1000 Bad Credit Payday Cash Advance Loan – Same Day Loan

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$500 – $1000 Bad Credit Payday Cash Advance Loan – Same Day Loan

My name is Daniel J. and I live in Lansing Michigan. I need to get a loan for somewhere between $500 and $1000 dollars in the same day as this application is being submitted, or at the very least the next business day so that I can pay for some car repairs that are needed.

I’m a very reliable borrower as compared to most of the applications I see submitted here at Financing Usa so I don’t see a problem getting approved quickly – a no hassle loan really. I will be able to repay the loan quickly over my next two paychecks. I would like to keep the loan costs as low as possible and also the fees that may be also charged. Please advise how much the processing fees will be?

I need at least $800 to pay for an auto repair on my 2008 Dodge van that I use for work and getting the family around and off to all our events, school, work, and recreation. The repairs are needed to fix the brakes, an oil change and a tune up as well as rotate the tires. The brake job is the big thing that needs to be done. They are at the point where the pads are worn down completely and they make this terrible squealing noise. I have an estimate for all of this work and it will come to at least $800 or maybe a bit more.

Please see what you guys and gals can come up with because I would really like to borrow $1500 or $1000 instead of just the lower amount of $500. I would like the larger loan just in case the repair costs are actually more than what they have estimated.

If I do not need the full amount for the repairs, I will repay whatever is left over right away to keep my interest costs as low as possible. Get back to me ASAP as I will be handy at the phone number I submitted.

I can’t get approved for a loan with normal bank because my FICO score is so out of whack. A few years ago I had some trouble with repaying loans and also on my credit cards. I had lost my job and did not have any money to live on let alone having money to pay on loans.

Since then I have repaid everything that I owed and I have had no problems since then. However because of this incident, my credit rating dropped and now all I can do is apply for bad credit loans, since the banks will not even consider providing me with a loan.

I can provide copies of my bank account statement which will show all of the transactions over the last two months. They show my salary being deposited to my account and all of the payments that I make every month. There are no checks that were stopped due to insufficient funds. I have a very good track record now with the bank and they still will not lend me any money.

I can also send in copies of my last couple of pay stubs to demonstrate that I have a job and how much I get paid. They also show what the deductions are from my gross pay and you will see that I have more than enough to repay this loan in two pay periods. I just do not have any ready cash at this time to pay for the car repairs.

Due to my bad credit rating, I also cannot get approved for a credit card so I cannot even use a credit card to pay for the repairs, otherwise I would just use a credit card. So that is why I need a bad credit pay day cash advance loan for my car repairs. Hope you will be able to help me with this cash flow problem that I have.

Happy New Year from up here in Lansing Michigan! Thx.