30,000 Lawsuit Loan – Plaintiff to Nationwide On Car Accident

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30,000 Lawsuit Loan – Plaintiff to Nationwide On Car Accident

This borrower desires a lawsuit loan for $30,000 and wants it pretty quickly. As you will read, he was in a car accident and not provided insurance for his medical treatment, and loss of his eye. The Insurance Company is Nationwide Auto Insurance. We don’t know how this plaintiff did as far as getting their pre-settlement loan.

Lawsuit Loan for $30,000

Please Explain Why You Need This Loan: I am in the middle of a lawsuit against an insurance company for money I should have gotten for a car accident. My lawyer is confident we will win the case, and I will retrieve $30,000 dollars in the next 6 months after the court has heard all the arguments and rendered a verdict. Although there is no guarantee, I am applying based on the conviction of my lawyer that we will be awarded this amount of money plus his fees for representing me. It is bad enough that I was involved in this accident, but then I have to fight for money to help me deal with my medical issues.

How Much Money Do You Need To Borrow? – Between $30K – $35K

Length of time with employer – 5 years at the same place

Time living at current address – Between 18 – 24 Months

Age – Over 30

Anything else that would help us get your loan approved – As the plaintiff in this case against Nationwide Auto Insurance, my lawyer and his firm, believe I could have sued for over $200,000 because I lost the use of my left eye in the car accident. The passenger of my truck was not hurt except for some minor scrapes and bruises. My lawyer and I are suing Nationwide Auto Insurance for $160,000 dollars because they refused to pay for my medical expenses and losses because they claim my insurance policy was not valid.

My policy payment was sent in the US Mail plenty of time to make it to their offices, but it got lost in the mail – NOT my fault. Nationwide claims I should have confirmed that my payment had made it through the mail. This is the case before the courts, and my lawyer and everyone in his legal firm are VERY confident I will win the case. They eventually received the check, after they had cancelled my insurance for non payment.

Sexual Orientation – Male

Marital Status – Single

Have you claimed bankruptcy in the last 7 years – No

What State and City or Town is your primary address in? – Dallas Texas

Have you checked your credit rating lately? – Yes

Would you consider your credit rating to be? – Good, to excellent

Collateral? – No

Down payment? – No

Employment Background – I work for an insurance company ironically. We provide insurance policies for commercial building and small to mid-sized businesses. We insure property, vehicles, equipment, etc. I have been working in the industry for 5 years now. I have a very secure job position. I have been on sick leave for a few weeks which my company has covered as well. Based on what I know about the insurance industry and what the legal firm is telling me I am very confident that the insurance company will have to pay up on this claim.

How much is your take home pay each month after deductions and taxes? – $2,300

Do you have any dependants? – No

What are your total debts that need paying every month? – $1500

My lawyer cautioned me not to provide too much information about the actual accident or the details of the insurance package that I have in case the insurance company gets a copy of my application and somehow tries to use this information against me. We are not sure how they would use the information, but we both feel that they would twist it somehow in their favor. Please keep all of this information private and confidential and do not release any personal information to anyone without my permission or the permission of my lawyers.

I also wanted to provide a little more information regarding my current debt payments. My total debt payments are $1500, which is made up of a car loan, a personal loan and my rent payments.  Ironically I am still paying on the car loan even though my car is wrecked. They are waiting to see how this case turns out before they will pay for the car repairs, although I think that the car will be written off rather than be repaired. This was a head on collision so most of the front end is pretty smashed up. Until a decision is made, I will have to continue payments on the car loan.

My medical bills are adding up and right now total $25,000 with more to come. The hospital is being pretty good about this and providing me with all of the care that I need. They expect to be paid and this is where the loan comes in. I managed to hire the lawyers on a successful completion of the lawsuit so they will not be paid unless there is a successful lawsuit. They seem pretty confident and are putting a lot of effort into the lawsuit, which makes me pretty confident of being paid out.

I have learned from this sad tale that a consumer must always make sure that payments are sent and received. Never make an assumption and always confirm payment. Big companies will do anything to get out of paying money for insurance claims since they are very large payments usually and really affect their bottom line. You can save yourself a great deal of grief and frustration by following up and making sure that your payment is received. Even if your check is cashed, make sure that it was cashed by the right people and the money went to the correct insurance company in this case. This may seem paranoid, but after what has happened to me, this is what I am going to do.