$3000-$4000 Bad Credit Loan from Cheyenne, Wyoming

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$3000-$4000 Bad Credit Loan from Cheyenne, Wyoming

$3000-$4000 Bad Credit Loan from Cheyenne, Wyoming

Below is an example of a borrower who used our pre-application form below to request a loan for $3000-$4000. She was approved with a private lender from our network. You will find thousands of these loan applications on our site for around $3K to $4K, with close to 80% of the applicants having poor credit ratings. Many are approved, while many need to provide additional information to enable a more complete assessment to be completed before a decision about their loan application can be made. Some people just do not fill in the application completely or provide information that is not accurate.

$3K-$4K Loan w/ Bad Credit (the borrower)

The borrower below points out that she lives in Cheyenne, and the lender that approved her loan application provides loan services in all of Wyoming, but also provide loans in 47 other States in the USA. We chose her loan request because her story is relatively common and represents what many people are facing when they are trying to find a lender to approve a loan application when they have a bad credit rating. Your credit rating is one of the things that every consumer should protect, since a good credit rating will save you money when applying for loans.

Many consumers use their credit cards to make purchases every day and they pay the balance off each month when they receive their statements. When payments are made repaying the full balance there is no interest charged on the account. This is really a great way to obtain a small loan interest free for the period up to when the balance is due.

The difficulty for many people comes at the end of the month when the statement arrives and the balance is due. They may not have sufficient funds to repay the balance and this is when interest is charge on the unpaid balance at rates from 18% to as high as 28% depending on who you have your credit card from. Paying rates this high makes it very difficult to repay the balance in a reasonable amount of time.

Many consumers will turn to lenders to borrow money at lower interest rates to save money and to gain a more reasonable monthly payment as well. This is a good strategy, however if you have a bad credit rating, many lenders will not even consider your application and will not loan money to you.

With a bad credit rating in the mix, consumers can turn to lenders who are willing to lend money to bad credit borrowers at rates above what typical loans would be at, however these loan interest rates are still well below the interest rate that credit cards typically charge. There is still an opportunity to save money and reduce your interest rate costs by taking this approach.

For more information about this applicants loan application read the application details below.


Applicants Going Online for $3000-$4000 Loans

One of the reasons there are so many applicants looking for 3000-4000-5000 dollar loans is because people don’t want a typical paycheck loan, and they are looking for decent APR levels.  Paycheck loans typically charge high interest rates and high processing fees and must be repaid with the proceeds of your next paycheck. A non paycheck style loan is more competitive with lower interest rates and the flexibility of being repaid over a longer period of time. We have a post on 12 month loans that explains this further.

We work to try and get each and every user approved, and approved with an honest lender for people with bad credit ratings as well as good credit ratings. Please use the pre-app down below to start the process.

Initial Loan Request for $3000-$4000

My name is Maxine K. and I live Cheyenne, Wyoming with my husband of six years and our three children ages 4, 8, and 12. We need to get a loan for 3 thousand to 4 thousand dollars as quickly as you can.

The problem is that we have very bad credit ratings, and we have no fast way to earn more money. I have to look after the children all day, and my husband’s job is limited monthly income of a take home of $3670. If I went to work, the babysitting fees would take everything that I would earn and our quality of life would suffer greatly. We are better off with me looking after the kids at this point and not looking for work.

That is enough to pay the mortgage and the bills, but there is nothing extra left to pay down debt. Do you know of any lenders in my area of Cheyenne that can approve a loan online fast?? Our bills have reached brand new heights this year from our bad luck in the last year. We have an emergency situation financially on our hands here and we have to at least pay off all of our credit card debt this month. The interest rate on the credit card is ridiculous and we are hoping to be able to find a lender that will lend us the money we need at reasonable interest rates that are far below what the credit card companies are charging.