$2k, $3K, 4K, 5K Bad Credit Loan from New Hampshire, Manchester, Concord Vermont – Billy D.

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$2k, $3K, 4K, 5K Bad Credit Loan from New Hampshire, Manchester, Concord Vermont – Billy D.

$2k, $3K, 4K, 5K Bad Credit Loan from New Hampshire, Manchester, Concord Vermont – Billy D. — another loan app from Vermont and the borrower is requesting an extremely fast online loan approval, in fact he would like the loan approved today and the money transferred to his account within the hour..

Seeing numerous short-term loan requests from applicants in this area it seems. Billy D. writes in via email from his Blackberry wanting a loan that can be approved in just a few minutes online and using his checking account routing numbers, have the money deposited into his account hastily (to say the very very least).This type of loan application is not actually that unusual, since many people prefer the flexibility of apply for a loan on line using any number of different devices to fill in the application. In this case the client has used his Blackberry, however many customers also use their Android smart phones and the Apple iPhones instead of their computers.

Billy’s loan application follows:

Loan Application Request From Vermont – Bad Credit Loan App

I need to get approved really fast for a loan ranging from 2k, 3k, 4k, or $5,000 dollars and I need the money in my account in just minutes. I know this seems like an unusual request, however I have made several commitments which I do not want to go back on. It is really a matter of retaining my creditability with several clients that will assist me in the future. If I have to renege on the deal, I will lose all credibility with them and probably never do any kind of business with them again.

I also want to pay this money back over a ninety day period of time. I can manage equal payments every two weeks until the balance is fully paid. The money should be deposited into my bank account and the payments withdrawn from that same bank account.  If you need other information other than what I have already provided, please let me know.

Whatever you need is fine with me as long as the loan is approved and the money transferred in today. I can send copies of my bank statements, my pay stub and anything else that you need. Just let me know. If you need me to come down to your office wherever that is, I can do that as well.

I do not owe any other loans at this time. All of my previous debts have been paid and the loans that originally caused my bad credit problems have been fully discharged with all interest and penalties that were incurred paid for. That was a difficult time in my life and I am glad I am over that. I am well on the way to reestablishing my credit rating and this loan will certainly help.

I also included my contact information in the application which you can use to get in touch with me right away. Please call me with any questions that you may have so that this application can be processed and approved by your lenders immediately. I do not want to find out that a simple question or clarification on a point was all that caused the loan to be turned down.

Please get back to me with and email or call me as soon as your staff can manage.  I am available right now to discuss any concerns and issues that you may have. I also realize that there may be additional fees as a result of this emergency loan and I am prepared to pay them as long as they are within reason. The same goes for the interest rate. Since I have a bad credit rating, I know that the rate will be slightly higher than most other loans, however as long as it is within reason, I can handle it. I only need the money for 90 days and probably less than that. This is an emergency loan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please contact me as today.