$2000-$3000 Bad Credit Loan Request from Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Noreen D.

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$2000-$3000 Bad Credit Loan Request from Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Noreen D.

My name is Noreen D. from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and I need to get a loan for 2-3 thousand dollars approved quickly to  consolidate credit card debt and lower the interest rate that I am paying..

I’m in debt on my credit cards (Mastercard and American Express) and my husband doesn’t know anything about it. Privacy is very important for me, so I’m looking for a fast cash lender that can lend me a $2000 sum or a $3000 sum pronto. He must never find out about this loan. I will repay the credit cards and then focus on paying the loan off in hopefully less than three months.

I can’t let my husband know about this loan because he will flip if he ever sees what I actually owe on my credit cards.

Personally, I have a really bad credit rating. I checked with Free Credit Score.com and my score is lower than 600 so I have no way of getting credit from my bank, and I wouldn’t anyway because I would get into way too much trouble if he ever found out about my reckless spending that has been going on for the last year. I realize now that it has to stop, but first I need to get out of this current problem.

My credit rating is low because I have not been very good at dealing with this credit card debt. I have been paying the minimum amount required for the past 6 months and have paid very little of the balance off because the interest rate is so high. While I have not missed a payment, I guess the rating agencies have lowered my score because of the ongoing high balance that I have on the credit cards.  These are my personal cards and the statements are mailed to my office so that he can never find out about it.

I appreciate your really fast customer service on the phone. Bye for now — please get back at me via email with your approval or answer sometime today!! Please also do not call me on my home phone since there is a chance my husband might answer the phone or he will see the number displayed on the phone and wonder who was calling. You can call my cell phone anytime, since it is my personal cell phone and I am the only one that answers that phone.

If I need to I will open up a private bank account so that the loan can be deposited into the account. I understand that sometimes your lenders like to have a bank account to send the money to and to also withdraw the money from. If you need this separate account let me know right away and I will arrange to open an account with my local bank which my husband will not know about. As you can see, I really do not want him to know anything about this.

I have a regular job and make decent money, but I just cannot get ahead of these credit cards because the interest rates are so high. That is why I needed to apply for a bad credit loan. If you need a copy of my pay stub, let me know and I can send it to you. I have a scanned copy that I can send via email from the past two weeks. I get paid every two weeks and virtually have no bills to pay other than these credit cards. My husband pays for pretty much everything else.

I am supposed to buy the groceries, but lately he has been paying for that too. I want this loan so that I can decrease the amount of interest I am paying and focus more on paying off the principal. With a low interest loan, at least compared to the credit card interest rates, I will be able to put more towards the principle and reduce the balance more quickly. This is one of the main reasons that I want to be approved for this loan. I really have to get my act together.