$2000 – $3000 Bad Credit Loan for Unemployed People – Flint Michigan

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$2000 – $3000 Bad Credit Loan for Unemployed People – Flint Michigan

I live in Flint Michigan and was recently let go from my job as a landscaper and I need to get a loan that will be approved quickly and without any long drawn-out issues. I am moving and need money now to pay for the moving costs and also my first month’s rent in my new location. My employer has lost a couple of contracts recently due to the down turn in the economy and he has been forced to lay people off. They just do not have the money to pay for landscapers any more.

I am in the process of moving from Flint Michigan and I need this $2000 – $3000 dollar loan to pay to move my stuff out of Flint and down to Ann Arbor where I have lined up a new job. There seems to be more work in this area. At any rate my new job starts on Monday with a large landscaping company in the area.

They also clear snow in the winter time, trim trees in the rest of the year in addition to general landscaping. They have multiple jobs that keep them going throughout the year which is something my previous employer does not have. It is this diversity of work that has attracted me to the Ann Arbor area and this landscaper from Flint Michigan.

My credit rating is not good and therefore I have to apply for a bad credit loan while I am unemployed. I know that this makes it a lot tougher to obtain a loan, but I really need this loan to pay for the move and for my rent for the first month. I do have a job that is starting next week. Once I am paid, I will be able to repay the loan right away.

Question then…..can I be approved for a bad credit loan if I am currently unemployed, but SOON TO BE employed again? I mentioned to my new employer that I might have trouble finding a place to rent given that I have a bad credit rating and that some landlords might not be willing to rent their apartment to me.

He has graciously agreed to provide a letter of employment to me showing when I am to start the job that I will have and the rate that I will be paid. I can send a copy of this letter to you as an attachment to an email if needed.

I have been working in the same field for over 10 years and this is why I am confident of always having a job in the landscaping field. With my experience, I can work on almost all of the jobs that this landscaper does. The only thing I have not been trained on is climbing trees to trim them or cut them down.

There is a safety course that I must take first before I will be able to do this job. I am comfortable doing all of the other jobs from running power lawn mowers, trimming gardens, snow removal and general clean up with a wood chipper.

Please help with this cash loan and just so you know, I can afford to pay the higher interest rates that are usually charged to people like me who have bad credit ratings. While I do not want to pay higher interest rates for loans like this, I realize that with my bad credit I have screwed up and now need to pay the penalty of higher interest rates.

I also will be eliminating several credit cards that I have been using in place of a loan. The interest rate is much higher than what I am prepared to pay so I really have to stop using them.

With this new job I plan to improve my credit rating and the first thing I will be doing is pay of this short term personal loan. Your help would really be appreciated.