$12000 Auto Loan in Tempe Arizona (SSL, CREDIT, DEBT, etc.)

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$12000 Auto Loan in Tempe Arizona (SSL, CREDIT, DEBT, etc.)

$12000 Auto Loan in Tempe Arizona for Gm 9-5 Sedan – Brant Z — Introduction

This post was inspired by a borrower who was applying for a car loan in Arizona, and he had really bad credit. He made the mistake of applying with a lot of lousy sites whereby the owners of the sites used his personal information for nefarious purposes. So the following questions came from Brant’s experience(s). (we have some other tips on loans, applying, and overall financial health too – below)

Security of Personal Information

How can you be sure that you and the intended recipient are the only ones who can see your personal info?

How can you tell if your personal info is secure when you fill out an on-line no credit car financing loan app?

To be sure, identity theft is on the rise. And while we do not want to scare you, it is hard to deny that some web sites are more secure than others. With the increasing number of all types of car loan web sites, there has been an alarming rise in the number of no credit car financing loan apps that are not secure. The fact is you could be sending your info over the WEB and it could be intercepted and read by someone other than a lending institution or auto finance manager.

So how do you know if a site will keep your personal info private? Simple, just make sure you are dealing with a web site that’s secure. A secure web site will allow you to transmit data in an encrypted format between your computer and the receiving server. SSL [secure socket layer] is a system that allows mutual authentication between your computer and the web site’s receiving computer that establishes a secure [encrypted] connection between both. Inside this connection between you and the server, the info is scrambled in such a way that it makes it very difficult for a third party to unscramble the no credit car financing info transmitted between the two computers.

A secure site can be identified by the padlock icon in the lower right hand corner of your web browser. In addition, most secure app sites also have a site certificate that can be viewed by scrolling over the site certificate box.

In the case of the applicant named Brant, he wanted to get a loan really fast for a car he needed badly to get him and his family around from their work, school, and all life’s activities. But what he did was apply for the loan with many lenders all in just half an hour – he was hoping to get approved for the loan in just minutes. He was initially trying to get approved and funded for the loan within 24 hours, which is a tall order.

So with all of his quick online applications (7 to be exact), he was using a form filler to speed up the process, and unfortunately he never bothered to read the privacy policies on all the lender sites he was using. You should always read the privacy policy on every site you ever apply for a loan on because some sites use your information to sell off to other entities. Sure enough Brant’s email box was getting bombarded with spam – hundreds of offers a month from lenders who trying to get him to take out a really high APR loan. Very annoying indeed.

How We Process Your Personal Information

At FUSA we DO NOT share any of our visitors’ information with other entities. We simply take loan applications here on the site (below) and our approved lenders can choose to contact you regarding your loan request. We have a special page that explains how to apply for a loan here. Please read that information thoroughly. We also have a privacy policy that all users need to read before using the site as well, and it explains all of the different offers you see on site.

We don’t use an SSL platform for Financing-USA.com simply because we never ask for any personal information. Brant applied for his car loan here and we never emailed him once, and we never gave his information to a marketing company. There is no need for SSL if you are not handling user information for reasons of marketing. You can see that on our site in the privacy section, where we ask all borrowers to NOT add their last names, street address, or place of employment. We don’t want any information that will negatively affect their privacy. All applications are PRE-APPLICATIONS that allow lenders to contact borrowers for further communication – all sensitive information is shared with lenders directly, and the personal information is never housed in the FUSA databases.

Another advantage of applying for a loan with FUSA is that your record of application is NOT shared with the credit agencies, so they can’t use that information to further hurt your credit rating. This is very important. In the case of Brant rapidly filling out applications, he may have hurt his credit rating by showing a record making multiple applications with multiple lenders.

Stop Damaging Your Credit Rating Further

So the message is simple for borrowers who want to get approved for a car loan AND have poor credit. Don’t go on an online loan request binge! Take your time to read each lender site’s privacy policy, and make sure that applying for a loan doesn’t lower your FICO score further. Honestly, the first place to apply for a loan is with the bank you have your main checking and savings accounts with – if they won’t approve your loan due to your credit score, then you should stop everything. You need to find out what your credit score is and check with all reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, etc.) before applying any where else – and yes, that includes this site!

We don’t want you further damaging your credit. We want you to get your loan approval, AND get yourself back on track with the credit agencies, and back on track with your overall personal finances. There are millions of United States consumers who have allowed their personal finances to get completely out of whack – you need to get serious and learn the golden rule. EARN MORE AND SPEND LESS.

At FUSA we deal with loan applications only, but there are some great sites that have fantastic information regarding credit repair, budgeting, debt consolidation. Here is just a hand full of resources for you to consider, and of course there is always the BIG G (Google);

That is enough to get your beak wet for sure.

My Personal Experience With Bad Credit

Your humble narrator at one time had terrible credit, and in fact I declared personal bankruptcy back in 2000. For 7 years I had no credit, and I swore I would never be that position ever again. I started by changing all hobbies to activities that made money instead of spending money. THAT was a huge revelation believe me, and if you do the same you will be amazed at how quickly your personal finances will turn around.

When I came out of bankruptcy I got two credit cards and that was it. I learned to enjoy my free time doing things that either didn’t cost me a cent, or even better, made me money. Of course it’s important to make sure your spouse is on board with this too (if you are living with someone). They have to learn to live the same way.

End State After Taking Corrective Action

When you take all of the above action your stress levels will drop dramatically, and you will discover that buying stuff is an empty quest, and that the free things in life end up filling you up spiritually. Just a simple walk in the park on a sunny day, and/or reading a good book can lift up your spirits a lot more than shopping, partying, or traveling.

I wish you the best of luck getting approved for a good loan (low APR) with an honest lender, and I really with you luck in getting your financing BACK ON TRACK!