1 – 4 Year Loans in PA for Bad Credit (Based on Job Income Only)

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1 – 4 Year Loans in PA for Bad Credit (Based on Job Income Only)

Notice: Before entering into a loan agreement for debt consolidation (whether you have bad credit or good credit) you should be aware of the usury laws in your State. Know the law and protect yourself.

Today we’re looking at loans in Pennsylvania and we have four different loans which we are addressing. The first loan will be in Wilkes-Barre and the Scranton area in PA – the borrower ended up applying for an $18,000 loan and was “approved”.

The second loan is in the Harrisburg/York area of PA for a $10,000 loan. And then we go to Pittsburgh/Butler area for a $20,000 loan over a three-year period, and then finally we go off to Philadelphia with a borrower who actually lives in the Camden area of New Jersey.

All of these loans were unsecured loans, or what some people like to call signature loans. However, we should point out (right away) that three of these lenders are not approved by us, because there APR rates (and terms) of their financing are highly suspect and we will put them in the category of being loan sharks. You can see that we have noted who we believe to be loan sharks, and we show their effective APR on each of their notes.

As usual, we show the total amount of money owed on credit cards by these borrowers and we show the complete breakdown of their loans, including their monthly installment payment amounts, the total amount of money paid back the lender, and of course the total interest paid over the terms of the notes. As usual we will be including the credit rating of each applicant based on the average credit score of their combined Fico’s with TransUnion, Equifax, Fair Isaac, and Experian. If you look closely at the information we provide in the bullet points below you will notice that the effective APR basically correlates with the credit scores of the applicants (typical).

All of these lenders were doing business in Pennsylvania at the time of these applications and approvals, and they serviced the entire State – we include some of the towns and cities they have been focusing their market strategies on. We have included the lender classifications and the criteria of these loans – for example, all of them are giving loans based on a signature only, with no documents involved, credit checks, or any of the typical qualification checks that traditional lenders always insist upon. Should note that on the 4th loan there was a credit check.

The problem with three of these loans is that the loan sharks involved were taking part in predatory lending, and in fact one of these lenders was up on charges by the State for going over the usury levels dictated by law in Pennsylvania. We want to make it perfectly clear that these were not loans that we processed for them, and the information we have gathered here came directly from the borrowers who got these deals. They volunteered their information with the stipulation that we would not disclose any of their true identities, and that we would not risk their privacy.

One of these loans had an APR of 17% which was legal, and that loan is the last one we will be discussing here today.

12 Mo (1 Yr) Signature Loan / PA, Wilkes Barre-Scranton

Unsecured Loan in Wilkes Barre-Scranton, PA (No Credit Check)

So our first borrower lives in Wilkes-Barre and commutes to Scranton for her job. This young woman worked as a clerk for an accounting firm in the Kingston area of Wilkes-Barre, which is just across the Market Street bridge if you are familiar with this area. She tried to get approved with her main branch at the 1st National Community Bank located on N. Franklin Street – not far from the intersection of West Market Street.

Because of her credit score being 422 she was declined for any kind of financing.

She tried to get a loan in the form of a new credit card with them and was denied. She went to another bank branch that wasn’t hers and applied for a loan at the M&T Bank but had no possibility of approval there either. She even offered to move all of her accounts from the First National Community Bank over to M&T but that didn’t sweeten the pot for the loan officers.

She wanted this loan for one year with 12 installment payments at a reasonable rate (hopefully below 10% if she could), but as it turned out in the end that’s not what happened.

The reason she needed this loan was because she had to consolidate her credit card balances. She owed just under $9000 on her Visa card, and she owed over $5500 on her MasterCard, and she had a balance of just under $2500 on her American Express card. The total of her credit card debt(s) came to just over $17,000. She used our online system through this website to find a lender who would approve her for a one year loan. She used the application form of the bottom of the page, and she was courted by three different lenders. One lender wanted to charge her an interest rate of 38%, and the other lender offered a 37% APR. Just before she was about to sign up for the 48% loan she got an offer for a 35% APR on the note. NOTE: these APR levels included all fees – closing fees, administration fees, etc.

So if you see the breakdown below you can see that her monthly payments were quite large, and luckily for her, her fiancé had a good job in Scranton as well, and between the two of them they could manage these payments which were installments of $1800 a month. The total amount of cash paid back to the lender was over $21000, and the interest on this was just under $3000. A very expensive loan for sure.

This lender also does business in Lewisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, Reading, and Newcastle. They didn’t ask her for any documents except for proof of her income – the loan was based on her job income only. This was an unsecured loan with no credit checks, and they didn’t even ask her for her credit score information. Hence the high rate!

The reason she needed this loan was to clear up (quickly) all of her credit card debt as soon as possible, and the only reason she could was because she and her partner had a dual income on the go. For most people this kind of loan would be cost prohibitive as the monthly payments were massive.

They did manage to pay off the loan in time and the lender got all of their money without default. In the end this is a good situation for them because she was completely debt-free and they could get ready to move out of their apartment and buy a home together.

This was the whole plan from the start. They wanted to get themselves ready for their first starter home and they wanted to get all of her debts behind her. His credit rating was very good with a 720 FICO score, and this is how it often goes down – if you are lucky enough to have one partner in the relationship who has a good credit rating, you can leverage the entire mortgage for the new home on the one applicant, and the banks will approve the entire note based on that.

Her fiancé does all of his banking with the Bank of America and PNC Bank which he has accounts with in Downtown Scranton right next to the Mercy Hospital.

We wish that all of our visitors were so lucky to have a partner who has a solid credit rating so they can slide in under their wing while they are repairing their own credit rating. But alas, this is not reality.

Loan App for 12 Month Installment Loan in Wilkes Barre-Scranton, PA

  • Borrower’s Visa Balance: $8965
  • Borrower’s Mastercard Balance: $5634
  • Borrower’s American Express Card Balance: $2423
  • Total Credit Card Debt: $17022
  • Finalized Approval of Loan: $18000
  • APR: 35% (high interest lender)
  • Monthly Payment: $1748.34
  • Total Monies Paid Back: $20980.08
  • Total Interest: $2980.08
  • Loan Term Length: 12 months/1 year
  • Credit Rating FICO Score: 422
  • Loan Product Nomenclature: 12Mo/CCCL
  • Applicant’s Area of Residence: Wilkes Barre
  • Other Areas of Lender’s Service: Lewisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, Reading, New Castle
  • Main City of App. Origin: Scranton
  • Applicant’s State: Pennsylvania (PA)
  • Lender Classification:  CCCL
  • Signature Only Loans: ✔
  • No Doc. Loans:✔
  • Unsecured Loans:✔
  • No Credit Checks:✔
  • Bad Credit OK:✔
  • Loan Based on Job Income Only:✔
  • Lender Approved By FUSA:✔

2 Yr. Poor Credit Loan / PA, Harrisburg-York Area, $10000

Unsecured Loan in Harrisburg-York, PA (No Documents)

Our next loan was an unsecured loan over a two-year period with monthly installments at $800 and change. This applicant is a young man at the age of 23 years old who wanted to borrow $10,000 to pay off all of his credit card balances. He works in Harrisburg and grew up in York Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, he had no way of getting approved by his bank either (which is very common if you read all of our submissions), and with a credit score of 400 he was in a financial situation which was extremely difficult to deal with.

The reason he had credit card balances totaling around $9000 is because he had been unemployed for seven months back in 2010. He had lost his job as a sales rep for a Harrisburg-based bottling company, and he couldn’t find work no matter how hard he tried (thanks to the great recession that started early 2009).

At the time of his application he had a MasterCard balance of $4700, a Visa card balance of $1700, and an American Express card balance just shy of $2500. The actual detailed totals of these balances can be found in the bullet points presented below. So what this loan shark did was approve him for a $10000 loan which was rounded up from his total credit card balance, and charged him a whopping 75% interest rate. Totally illegal, and not recommended by any means. Just as another reminder, we want you to know that this was not an approved lender within our system.

We see the breakdown of this loan over two years and payments of close to $800 a month and the total interest being just under $8500. The total amount of money paid back to the lender was just under $19000. So you see how ridiculous this kind of rate is because you should never be paying back your loan twice over a two-year period. This well exceeds the law as far as usury limits go.

This lender does business in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Lewisburg, Bethlehem, Allentown, and Newcastle as well. I know that you may be tempted to try getting a loan with them because you feel desperate and in need of some quick cash, but we strongly recommend that you never try to find a lender like this and do business with them. You need to be careful and stick to legitimate lenders who are not breaking the law. There is other ways around a financial catastrophe that need to be considered long before you are looking at this kind of loan shark. This kind of high interest is just not acceptable by any standards – that includes legally and morally.

The monthly payments on this loan were just over $800 and after 18 months of making payments this borrower moved out of State to Houston Texas where he then defaulted on the loan completely. He was harassed every day with many phone calls threatening him, and even waking him up in the middle of the night. He ended up just disconnecting his phone altogether and going underground. We don’t even know the final outcome of the situation, and even if this shark got their money back as they were planning. A complete cluster.

Loan App for 2 Year Installment Loan in Harrisburg-York Area, PA

  • Borrower’s Visa Balance: $1747
  • Borrower’s Mastercard Balance: $4713
  • Borrower’s American Express Card Balance: $2466
  • Total Credit Card Debt: $8926
  • Finalized Approval of Loan: $10000
  • APR: 75% (loan shark rates)
  • Monthly Payment: $767.33
  • Total Monies Paid Back: $18415.92
  • Total Interest: $8415.92
  • Loan Term Length: 2 Years/24 Months
  • Credit Rating FICO Score: 400
  • Loan Product Nomenclature: 2 Yr./CCCL
  • Applicant’s Area of Residence: York
  • Other Areas of Lender’s Service: Bethlehem, Lewisburg, Allentown, Reading, New Castle
  • Main City of App. Origin: Harrisburgh
  • Applicant’s State: Pennsylvania (PA)
  • Lender Classification: 2 Year Loan Providers (shark)
  • Signature Only Loans: ✔
  • No Doc. Loans:✔
  • Unsecured Loans:✔
  • No Credit Checks:✔
  • Bad Credit OK:✔
  • Loan Based on Job Income Only:✔
  • Lender Approved By FUSA:✘

3 Year Unsecured Loan / PA, Pittsburgh-Butler Area, $20000

Loan in Pittsburgh-Butler Area, PA – No Collateral, Income Only

Our third loan comes to us from Pittsburgh PA (and Butler area). This was also a loan shark and they were put out of business only three months after this so-called “approval” was finalized. This borrower needed a loan badly to try and consolidate all of his credit cards as well. He needed a bank or credit union to give him the loan based on his income (only) that he got from his job as a distribution manager for a plant operating out of Pittsburgh.

This was a three-year loan with 36 installment payments of around $1200, and the total interest on this loan over the note was a crazy $23000. The actual finalized approval on this so-called loan was a principal of $20,000 – he owed Visa Gold Card $4500, American Express $8000, and MasterCard $5300. All of these are rounded up or rounded down from the data in the bullet points below.

This lender is certainly predatory in our opinion – charging the customer 62% and scooping more than double the amount of the principal on the term.

If you use the loan calculator we have at the bottom of the page you are actually calculating the amortization rate as well. This is a very accurate loan calculator if you want to find out what your total amount of interest will be on the entire life of the loan, and the monthly installment payment you will be paying if you decide to sign up for an agreement with a lender.

The reason this borrower was duped into getting a loan with this shark is because he had a really bad credit score of 330 approximately, and he had a very bad payment history with TransUnion and Equifax. His parents lived in the City of Butler at the time and have recently moved down to Miami Florida in their retirement – he tried to get a loan with them to sort out his credit card debt but they denied him. He felt extremely embarrassed even asking his parents for help with his debt, and this is another reason why he ended up falling into the trap of a predatory lender. Once again, you need to avoid this at all costs.

Whenever you are approached by a predatory lender (loan shark) always look at their rates and terms, and then go back and use one of our calculators to figure out what your total responsibility would be over the term of the loan. Once you have that figured out you should be looking at the total amount of interest you would be paying back over the entire life of the loan.

This lender was online at the time and they advertised that they provided signature loans with no credit checks and based on income only.

Loan App for 3 Years (Job Only) Loan in Pittsburgh-Butler Area, PA

  • Borrower’s Visa Balance: $4562
  • Borrower’s Mastercard Balance: $5295
  • Borrower’s American Express Card Balance: $8000
  • Total Credit Card Debt: $17857
  • Finalized Approval of Loan: $20000
  • APR: 63% (loan shark class)
  • Monthly Payment: $1,185.52
  • Total Monies Paid Back: $42,678.72
  • Total Interest: $22678.72
  • Loan Term Length: 3 Years/36 Months
  • Credit Rating FICO Score: 332
  • Loan Product Nomenclature: 3 Yr./CCCL
  • Applicant’s Area of Residence: Butler
  • Other Areas of Lender’s Service: Bethlehem, Reading, New Castle, Lewisburg, Allentown
  • Main City of App. Origin: Pittsburgh
  • Applicant’s State: Pennsylvania (PA)
  • Lender Classification: Bad Credit Loan Provider (shark)
  • Signature Only Loans: ✔
  • No Doc. Loans:✔
  • Unsecured Loans:✔
  • No Credit Checks:✔
  • Bad Credit OK:✔
  • Loan Based on Job Income Only:✔
  • Lender Approved By FUSA:✘

4 Year Unsecured Installment Loan / PA, Philadelphia-Camden Area, $6000

Unsecured Loan in Philadelphia-Camden, PA (No Credit Check)

The fourth loan today was with an approved lender that is still in our system because they follow all of the laws of Pennsylvania in regards to their usury rates, and you can see that they have a 17% APR on this loan.

This was a pretty good deal for the borrower and since the loan was over four years with 48 installments of just over $170 (monthly) it was certainly affordable within a modest budget. This borrower was a 32-year-old single mom who is raising three kids on her own. She lived in Philadelphia, and worked in the Camden area of New Jersey. She would commute across State lines every day to her work as a receptionist for a chiropractor based out of Camden.

As in keeping with all of these loans, this borrower had three credit card balances that were bothering her and she just wanted to get it cleaned up with the consolidation. She owed just over $3800 on her Visa, over $300 on her MasterCard, and close to $7000 on her American Express.

Her told credit card debt was $5800 and the lender provided a principal of $6000 to be paid back over a four-year term. The APR was only 17%, as we mentioned above, and this was reasonable bringing her total interest in at $2200 for the four years.

She chose to have monthly payments. She was offered biweekly payments on this loan, but she didn’t want to be paying out every two weeks. She gets paid on the last Friday of each month, so she wanted to keep things simple.

Now you may be wondering where you can get a loan for four years at this rate as well, and this lender is within our system providing loans to people across Pennsylvania and in New Jersey. However, take a good close look at the credit rating of this applicant – her credit score was close to 640, which is workable with most lenders if you have a full-time job and a fairly decent payment history under your belt.

Unfortunately, this lender advertises that they provide signature loans based on income only but in fact they do end up carrying out the traditional credit checks. Therefore we have show this in the listed parameters below.

In reality, if you want to get a fair interest rate, and you have a fair credit rating, you are going to have to follow the traditional process of providing documents to the lender, and they will be doing a full credit check on you before your loan is approvaled.

Loan App for 4 Year Installment Loan in Philadelphia-Camden Area, PA

  • Borrower’s Visa Balance: $3843
  • Borrower’s Mastercard Balance: $345
  • Borrower’s American Express Card Balance: $1677
  • Total Credit Card Debt: $5865
  • Finalized Approval of Loan: $6000
  • APR: 17% (FUSA approved lender)
  • Monthly Payment: $170.71
  • Total Monies Paid Back: $8194.08
  • Total Interest: $2194.08
  • Loan Term Length: 4 Years/48 Months
  • Credit Rating FICO Score: 639
  • Loan Product Nomenclature: 4 Yr./CCCL
  • Applicant’s Area of Residence: Camden (NJ)
  • Other Areas of Lender’s Service: Lewisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, Reading, New Castle
  • Main City of App. Origin: Philadelphia
  • Applicant’s State: Pennsylvania (PA)
  • Lender Classification: 4 Year Loan Providers
  • Signature Only Loans: ✘
  • No Doc. Loans:✘
  • Unsecured Loans:✘
  • No Credit Checks:✘
  • Bad Credit OK:✘
  • Loan Based on Job Income Only:✘
  • Lender Approved By FUSA:✘



So when you look at all of these lenders and borrowers above it’s easy to see why you need to stay clear of predatory lenders and loan sharks. Due to the Internet, many of these lenders are floating around their offers in hopes to find somebody who is desperate enough to accept their terms. We truly hope that you are not one of these borrowers, and that perhaps this post will show you (in clear math) why you want to avoid these unscrupulous kinds of wheelers and dealers.

We encourage you to use the Internet to find all of the facts about the lenders you are talking to, and find out all of the facts in regards to the usury law(s) of your state. Pennsylvania is just like any other state in regards to having loan sharks swimming in shallow water looking for unsuspecting prey. I know that many of the visitors to our site think they are in such a dire financial situation that they are willing to take on this kind of loan. What you should be doing is looking at all other traditional ways of consolidating debt.

Unfortunately, we see applicants who think that they can get themselves out of their financial mess by getting a nontraditional loan like some of these we have documented. They think that they can get a high interest loan and manage the payments, and somehow escape damaging their credit rating further, and digging themselves out of the hole – that’s just not what usually happens.

Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that your credit rating is going to get severely damaged and you are going to have to negotiate with your creditors to pay back all of your debt over an extended period of time.

Even if you hire a trustee or an attorney to negotiate for you, and you pay back pennies on the dollar, that is a better way of doing things even if your credit rating gets destroyed through the process. You don’t want to be helping out these loan sharks – you need to be using the normal channels and normal processes.

If you end up paying an interest rate anywhere above 18% you are actually shooting yourself in the foot. You are not getting yourself any further ahead because your credit card balances are likely in the 18% range anyways. When you are using predatory interest rates, you’re defeating the purpose of a consolidation altogether.

You are better off in the long run if you accept your destroyed credit rating and build up your FICO score over time. There are many things you can do, while you are suffering from bad credit. You can get yourself discharged from personal bankruptcy, and get a prepaid credit card to slowly build up your credit again.

I know it’s painful to claim personal bankruptcy but sometimes it’s the only valid option. Keep in mind though, I’m not saying that you need to claim bankruptcy when you have only $20,000 in credit card debt- far from it. I am talking about personal bankruptcy when you have credit card balances that are extremely high in total and you don’t even have a job to make the minimum payments required.

Once you have your credit rating on its way back to being healthy, then you need to work on ways of finding more income and less expenses. Then it’s just basic math over time, and you may never find yourself in the position where you would be considering taking out a loan with predatory rates.

If you live in Pennsylvania and you need to get a loan with bad credit, you can use the application form below to make your pre-app. What’s good about these pre-apps is that you don’t damage your credit rating any further – because it’s not a formal style application. This is just precursor information provided to over 90 different lenders who provide loans in your State to people who have damaged credit.

Once you have filled out your application and submitted it, you have to wait for one of the lenders (or multiple lenders) to get back to you via e-mail. If you don’t hear back from any lenders within five business days, this usually means that they are not interested in taking on your business. We get some people who get very frustrated and they actually think that we don’t have lenders, but the fact is we don’t have lenders that will approve THEM.

We have an applicant approval percentage of about 63% here, and the other 37% never even get approached by lender(s). Usually this is because the prospective borrower doesn’t provide enough information to satisfy any of the lenders, and they don’t want to waste their time with somebody who is willing to at least give some details about the purpose of the loan and their credit scores. It’s always good to mention what your FICO score is when you make a submission because lenders want to know that you have done at least a little bit of your own homework.

Good luck out there and we hope you get approved soon.