$10000 Dollar Debt Consolidation – Loan for Single Mother – Baltimore MD

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$10000 Dollar Debt Consolidation – Loan for Single Mother – Baltimore MD

Credit Card Consolidation Loan - Single MomThis is kind a strange debt consolidation loan request because it was submitted by young 37 year old woman who strategically planning to divorce her husband, and become a single mother of 4 young children. Quite the ballsy move in my book, and you have got to hand it to her – she has got a unit here.

The debt consolidation is for $10,000 dollars and possible up as high as $20,000 if she finds the right kind of lender to grant the loan. She currently lives in Baltimore but after she becomes single she is planning move into a basement suite that her sister is willing to provide her with while her and her kids rebuild a new life after the separation from her husband. Her sister’s house is located in Ellicott which is West of Baltimore – this is a decent area and close to allot amenities.

This loan was approved within 7 days, and she was delighted to have a fresh start. This sound to be single mother sounds cold and calculating in her loan application, but if you knew the whole story (which our editors do) you would not see her in that light. You would realize that she needs to get this loan approved, and realize that she SHOULD be leaving and breaking up the family.

Loan Description :: Debt Consolidation Loan for Single Mother (ten to twenty thousand dollars)

Product Why do you need a loan? :: I just want to clear off my credit card debt soon. I’m just not comfortable being in that kind of debt, and I would sleep allot better knowing that we will have our credit cards all zeroed off. It’s really that simple. We just need this personal loan to make sure we keep the amount of interest we are paying down to a dull roar – if you know what I mean.

How Much Do You Want To Borrow? :: I need to borrow at least ten thousand to completely eradicate all of my personal credit card debt. My husband John also has some Visa debt, but I am planning to divorce him right after Christmas anyway, so I really couldn’t care less. I just want my debts paid in full so that when I take the kids and leave him, at least we are looked after.

Your employment field :: I recently educated myself for the nursing profession, and I graduated last Spring with high marks. The reason I went and did that is because I have 3 year plan to leave my husband and take the kids. I’m a full fledged nurse now and make a full time income from that job. I can certainly afford to pay back this $10000 over a 3 year period. I can handle the payments, and I have used a loan calculator to add up my monthly and biweekly payments.

Your job title :: Nurse at undisclosed hospital near Baltimore, MD

Length of Employment :: 8 months (past probationary period)

Time at Address :: 4 years

Age :: 37

Anything else you can tell us to speed up approval? :: Yes – my father said he will back me on the loan totally and has the money in the bank to pay the lender(s) if I ever have trouble making the installment payments. I will not have any issues when it comes to making the payments on this loan – as I have explained, I will have almost no monthly payments for tax and bills except for food and clothing for me and the kids. I will have more than enough money coming in to pay down the loan.

Sex :: Female

$10000 Dollar Debt Consolidation – Loan for Single Mother – Baltimore – Marital Status

Marital Status :: Married with 4 kids (soon to be single with 4 kids, but will be living rent free with my sister who lives in Ellicott City. I work very close where she lives, so getting around is easy, free rent, and help is all I need for awhile. I won’t have any debts to any creditors except for you – my loan payment to you will be my only outgoing monthly costs – save for the food and clothing for me and the kids.

Ever Claimed Bankrupcty? :: Yes – ten years gone by since then – fully discharged for 3 years.

What City/Town, County/Parish/District/Burrough, and State is your primary address? :: Baltimore, Maryland (Baltimore Cty) I will be moving to Ellicott in the next few months but I need this loan before I do that.

Zip: 21204

Have you checked your credit report lately? :: No – I was assuming the lender that approves my loan will be doing the credit check for me, so why don’t you tell me.

Would you consider your credit rating to be? :: Fair to bad credit rating I think. Suppose I really should go and get this checked before applying like this. Is this really big issue? I mean you are either going to grant me the loan, or deny me the loan – just hoping you will make a decision today, so that I can get on my way and start applying with other lenders ASAP.

Collateral? :: Yes – 2008 Mercedes SUV, 2009 Seadoo, 2005 23 foot Maxim boat (but my husband doesn’t know that it will be collateral on this loan (shhh…). My lawyer said that he will have to sell all his “boy toys” and give me a little more than half of the money we get from the sale, or I can keep one or more of the vehicle(s) or RV(s) to  and use it for collateral. Whadda think? What is the best way for me to do this?

Down Payment? :: No money down loan please.

If down payment, how much? Explain please. :: N/A (see staff documentation)

Do you a have co-signer or co-borrower? :: Yes – my Father said he would co-sign this loan

Loan Officer Conclusion(s) :: This is an approved loan because of the applicants employment and her high FICO score. After checking the applicant’s credit score we discovered she is at a FICO of 76o -very high. The real clincher on this loan for us was her Father cosigning. Without the cosigner this loan would never have seen the light of day.

Funds were dispersed within one week of making this online application. She had the money electronically deposited to her checking account 6 business days after the application was submitted.