$10,000 – $100,000 Bad Credit Loans for People in Lafayette Louisiana

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$10,000 – $100,000 Bad Credit Loans for People in Lafayette Louisiana

I can apply for and request your approval for loans for $10,000 to $100,000 dollars for many of my clients who all have extremely bad credit ratings. I live and work in Lafayette Louisiana.

The goal is that I will provide the borrowers who need loans ranging from between 10K to 100K to your lenders. They will be pre-qualified based on criteria that we agree to, which will enable your lenders to process the loans more quickly and reduce their overall costs.

Please consider this request seriously as I can provide many, many, many borrowers who are employed and are able to pay interest rates ranging from 10% to 20%  APR. Most of them have bad credit ratings simply because they do not understand what needs to be done to maintain a good credit rating. They are hard working people who need loans for a variety of reasons and are prepared to pay higher rates to enable these loans to be approved.

In terms of requirements, we would expect the borrowers to meet many of the usual requirements for lenders. For example, borrowers would need to be employed and be able to show a pay stub that shows their income and any deductions that are being taken from their gross income. The pay stub will be used to establish their income level and their employer.

There will also be a need to have a bank account for the loan to be transferred into and for the payments to be withdrawn from. This approach provides a clear traceable record for all transactions and covers both parties should there be questions over any transactions. Another reason for a having a bank account is that the borrower will be requested to show the previous months transactions in his account. Lenders will want to review these transactions specifically looking for any payments that were issued with insufficient funds in the account. This is a clear red flag for many lenders.

Borrowers will also be requested to provide a list of all other outstanding debt that they may have which could impact their ability to repay the loans. If they are planning to consolidate loans to improve their monthly payments and reduce the amount of interest they are paying, this will be included on the application. While most of these clients are applying for bad credit loans because they have a bad credit rating, they will be given every opportunity to apply for a loan and to recover their bad credit ratings.

Since borrowers appear to need help in understanding how to manage their credit ratings, all loans will be reviewed with the borrower and emphasis will be placed on focusing on repayment of the loan. Borrowers who are reading this post must be aware that you are signing a contract that obligates you to repay these loans or risk having collection proceedings started to collect the remaining loan balance and any unpaid interest payments.

Some borrowers may also have assets that can be used as collateral for these loans. This would allow them to apply for secured bad credit loans. Secured loans will be provided with slightly lower interest rate to reflect that the borrower is willing to place his home or some other asset as collateral which reduces the risk for the lender.

The terms and conditions will be reviewed with the borrower in all cases. The terms will vary depending on the size of the loan and the purpose of the loan. In addition the interest rates will vary based on whether the loan will be secured or unsecured, the term of the loan and the amount of money being borrowed. In addition the interest rate will also depend on credit ratings of the applicants. Better credit ratings will allow for better more competitive interest rates.

This could be a good thing for your lenders and underwriters across the United States and for my borrowers located, working, and residing in the Lafayette area.