$1000 – $2000 – $3000 Bad Credit Personal Loan in Phoenix, AZ

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$1000 – $2000 – $3000 Bad Credit Personal Loan in Phoenix, AZ

This applicant is desperate for a small personal loan in Phoenix, Arizona. She has recently lost her husband is on her own now. He was the main bread-winner in the family and she was a stay-home mom. What has happened is tragic. A tragedy in so many ways, and now money is the main challenge for her.

Her mortage is long overdue and she has to make a payment to the bank or she will lose her house in just under a week. The problem is that her credit is very bad from defaulting on payments that were to be made to her creditors. She wants a loan, but unfortunately she doesn’t have a job at the moment. This makes it almost impossible to get a loan.

There was nothing we could do to help her, and I thought that I would post this application for her loan so that some can read about what some people are going through in America.

Bad Credit Personal Loan in Phoenix for $1000 – $2000 – $3000 – Applicant Start

Why do you need a loan? – Explain in detail :: Hello. Thank for helping me find a fast loan for between $1000 – $3000. I live in Phoenix Arizona and I am on the verge of losing my house to foreclosure. I am desperate to make a mortgage payment to give me one month of breathing room so I can figure out what I am going to do to make some steady income. My husband passed away in August, and I need an angel lender, or at least a payday loan – ANYTHING! I will find a way to pay back the loan somehow.

If for Business, tell us a little about your business – All info is secure! :: No.

How Much Do You Want To Borrow? :: Over $3000

Length of Employment :: Under 6 Months

Time at Address :: Between 3 – 5 Years

Age :: Over 30

Bad Credit Personal Loan in Phoenix for $1000 – $2000 – $3000 – No Employment

Extra Info Here – anything else that would help us get your loan approved :: I have an educational background in pet grooming and I have worked in pet grooming shops for a total of 3 years when my husband was still alive. I am looking for a job now but it’s really hard to find any work in Phoenix right now. As you know, all across the country is’t hard to find any work. I have a bad credit rating though caused from missed payments and defaults on a personal loan I have not been able to make payments on. This is why my credit is so bad right now.

Sex :: Female

Marital Status :: Single

Ever Claimed Bankrupcty? :: No – never

What Country is Your Primary Address :: United States

What State/Province is your primary address in? :: AZ

Have you checked your credit report lately? :: Yes

Would you consider your credit rating to be? :: Poor

Collateral? :: No

Down Payment? :: No

Bad Credit Personal Loan in Phoenix for $1000 – $2000 – $3000 – No Down Payment

If down payment, how much? Explain please. :: I wish I had some sort of down payment or at least a car to use for a title loan, but I don’t. I’m just hoping that some kind soul will find it in their heart to help through this rough patch. Even if it’s a payday loan that would good, but of course, I have to find a job first so that I even HAVE a payday.

Do you a have co-signer or co-borrower? :: No

Employment Industry, Title, Experience, Background – All info is secure! :: Like I said, I was a dog groomer, and I have several applications out there with different grooming shops in Phoenix. I suppose you couldn’t give me the loan before I get my job. I’m sure that things will turn around for me soon. I am willing to work anywhere to get my financial house back in order.