$1000-$1500 Bad Credit Loan from Butte Montana – Carly F.

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$1000-$1500 Bad Credit Loan from Butte Montana – Carly F.

To all at Financing USA — thanks for taking my application online so fast and getting back to me so fast. My name is Carly F. and I am applying from downtown in Butte Montana from a public library Internet connection because I don’t have an internet connection in our apartment.

I’m a single mother with two kids ages 3, and 7. I need help fast for a small personal loan somewhere around $1,000 or $1,500 today. I have had a few surprises in the past couple of days and am in dire need of a fast bad credit loan. My car broke down, the babysitter needs to be paid and I need to pay my utilities. I can pay for the car repairs or I can pay the baby sitter etc, but I cannot pay both right now.

My credit is bad due to the recent break up of my marriage and the dispute over a number of bills that were not paid on time. We had some credit cards and a small loan that was supposed to be paid by my ex husband, however he chose not to and we both now have a bad credit rating. I am on my own now and doing very well, but I just do not have enough money to pay this set of bills. Do you think that you can help?

I need this to be a 1k-1.5k bad credit loan that will be funded, approved, and processed all in one day. I wish to have the money in my bank account by the end of the business day. I need to be able to pay for my car tomorrow morning so that I can get to work and then I need to pay the babysitter tomorrow night or preferably first thing in the morning when I drop the kids off. I cannot do both and that is why I urgently need your help.

I have an excellent job at one of the local banks now and I make pretty good wages. I will be able to repay this loan with no problem what so ever with the money I am making at the bank. I did not want to apply at the bank to avoid the potential embarrassment of being turned down and the management learning about my financial situation. I have a good reputation with them and I really want to keep it that way.

My checking account is with a US Bank branch located in Butte and I have disclosed my routing and ABA info to your staff already. The loan can be deposited to this account and the loan payments can be withdrawn from the same account. I also provided copies of my pay stubs and copies of my last couple bank statements. You can see that I never missed a payment and have never had any checks refused for insufficient funds. I am actually a good credit risk contrary to what my credit score actually says.

Thank you again for your great customer service, and just a reminder that I would prefer to get this fast loan for $1,500 as opposed to the lower amount of $1,000. I can pay you back in 90 days alright. I would also prefer to make a payment every two weeks at the same day that I get paid until the loan and the interest and the fees are fully paid for. I understand that the interest rate may be a little higher than normal due to my bad credit rating. Although I would prefer a lower rate, I realize that with this current credit rating I cannot expect much else.

One final comment, my employer is willing to provide a letter stating that I am employed at the bank, in good standing and that my current salary is as indicated on my application. I am looking forward to a positive response from your lenders and would appreciate a phone call as soon as the decision is made. Thanks for all of your help with this application.