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We strive make sure your visit to our website is seamless, enjoyable, and fast


Our main goal is increasing your chances of success in finding a willing lender

Something on our history…

Connecting borrowers with legitimate lenders successfully since 2010

We thrive to find lenders for bad credit borrowers, at the same time avoid predatory lenders.

The FUSA Advantage

We work hard to increase approval rates for borrowers, and here are four ways we do this.


We have between 300 and 400 lenders in our network who approve loans for applicants with a wide range of credit scores


We are constantly screening our lender network to ensure they adhere to local and federal usury limits – no predatory lenders here!


Sometimes speed is of the essence when you need loan and we excel at connecting you with a willing lenders FAST!


We focus on finding lenders as close to your area as possible. Why not go local when you can!


Betty had bad credit..

Betty Williams in Los Angeles had a really bad credit rating (450) and was dire need of a loan to pay off her bills and get things back on track. She found us and started the easy process of submitting here pre-app.

Step 1)

Submitted her pre-app in just a few minutes using comment area

Step 2)

Got emails from competing lenders in her area and out of state as well

Step 2)

Spoke with lenders to find the best loan with rate and terms

Step 4)

Finished loan process with her lender and got funded in 2 days


Don’t take our word for it – here what others say..

Needed help getting approved with terrible credit, and I finally found a willing lender here. Highly recommended!

Dennis Latham

Miami FL

My credit score was seriously in the dumps and I had tried to get approved with other sites and no luck at all. Thank you so much.

Sandy Williams

Los Angeles CA

I had to consolidate all of our family debt, and we found a lender who came through for us. It was huge stress reliever.

Jennifer Isaacson

Corpus Christi TX

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